R/€ = 19.7509 Change: -0.1081
R/$ = 18.1300 Change: -0.1734
Au 1975.62 $/oz Change: 5.80
Pt 989.30 $/oz Change: 4.36

Leah Shelene Asaram

Programme designed to propel forward economic fortunes

17th March 2023 The public service is opening up opportunities for public–private partnerships (PPPs) to supply water to municipalities.  This was identified during a seminar held on February 2, 2023 by the Vuthela iLembe Local Economic Development (LED) Support Programme in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Guideline to improve agro-processing water efficiency

17th March 2023 The National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA) has created an Industrial Water Efficiency Guideline following its assessment of water efficiency between 2013 and 2020 in the agro-processing sector. A review of 92 assessment reports indicated that 38 of the assessments related to... 

Guideline to improve agro-processing water efficiency
LINDANI NCWANE By acting on the recommendations in the guideline, a company can expect lower cost solutions compared to treating, processing and consuming raw water and/or wastewater

R120bn portfolio boosts Cape Town’s water infrastructure

17th March 2023 The City of Cape Town has launched its R120-billion infrastructure portfolio for economic growth, of which around 38%, or R45-billion, will be allocated to addressing water and sanitation infrastructure. This includes the upgrading of wastewater works, sewers to reduce spills, ensuring a healthy... 

Constructed wetlands to be completed by this month

17th March 2023 A system of three constructed wetlands (CWs) was built in gravel-like beds to establish a microbial consortium using plants that essentially ‘eat’ chemical components in discarded wastewater. The wetlands were designed by project participants, postgraduate students and University of the... 

Constructed wetlands  to be completed  by this month
CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS The wetlands are highly complex bioreactors which convert nutrients and waste products into more benign substances

Power outages dimming water supply efficiency

17th March 2023 Purification works and booster stations are expected to be exempt from loadshedding; however, the recent power outages across bulk water utility Rand Water’s entire value chain have created challenges for the utility to pump water regularly. Rand Water CE Sipho Mosai says that, with Rand Water... 

Power outages dimming water  supply efficiency
BLUER PASTURES Rand Water has created a WaterWise programme to not only raise awareness of water shortages in South Africa but also educate individuals on how to conserve water on a daily basis

Scada systems vital in sector

17th March 2023 Supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada) systems afford customers the flexibility to monitor, control and overall manage specific processes in water plants. The current water crisis in South Africa is a result of the sector’s still largely being burdened with ageing infrastructure,... 

Scada systems vital in sector
JOYCE MOGANEDI There is room for improvement, but only if the sector can adopt and embrace change

App to determine water potability

17th March 2023 South African charitable trust the Claude Leon Foundation is funding two research chairs, one of which will conclude research on a potable water test-strips application (app) to promote realisation of the right to safe water in vulnerable communities as well as citizen science.   This research... 

ICMM works towards ‘nature-positive’ mining

3rd March 2023 Mining industry supports Global Biodiversity Framework Global organisation International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) members have, through its mining principles, committed to pursue continual improvement in environmental performance and to conserve biodiversity. 

ICMM works towards  ‘nature-positive’ mining
Photo by UN Biodiversity flikr account
HAYLEY ZIPP If mining companies followed suit, the scale of the contribution towards the restoration targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework would be substantial

Current climate regulations not driving change fast enough

3rd March 2023 Carbon-related regulation is increasing worldwide, alongside increased public scrutiny and demand for emissions reporting, specifically for large emitters, such as mining and related industries, observes business consultancy Emergent Africa  sustainability solutions lead Lee Swan. Targets and... 

Tailings re-mining to ramp up in 2023

3rd March 2023 JSE-listed platinum group metals (PGMs) producer Impala Platinum’s (Implats’) Rustenburg operation, in the North West province, has been re-mining tailings from its dormant tailings dams 1 and 2, consequently enabling the miner to exploit a large-scale recycling opportunity while enhancing PGM... 

Company provides solutions to combat local industry decline

24th February 2023 Despite the current state of the South African defence industry not being what it was two decades ago, protected mobility specialists OTT Group of companies is providing solutions to not only save the industry but to also enable longevity. The OTT Group, together with sister company OTT... 

Company provides solutions to combat local industry decline
3, 2, 1 ATTACK! The local defence industry has been a significant global role player, with world-leading technologies in areas such as missiles, vehicles and artillery systems

Society encourages individuals to keep up with automation

17th February 2023 Despite the loss of 1.7-million jobs, owing to automation, the ‘The Future of Jobs 2020’ report predicts that automation will create about 97-million new jobs globally by 2025; it is, therefore, important that individuals continuously improve their skills sets to keep pace with the advancement of... 

Society encourages individuals to keep up with automation
JOHAN MAARTENS “The traditional approach to instrumentation and control is to measure parameters of a process, and by various control algorithms, ensure that the parameters remain within the specifications set by the process as designed” – Johan Maartens

Company expands footprint in smelting industry

17th February 2023 Pressure, temperature, level, flow and force measuring technology company WIKA South Africa is expanding its footprint in Africa to provide instrumentation solutions for ore smelting operations. WIKA’s instrumentation solutions are used for measurements under high-pressure conditions of up to 8... 

Company expands footprint  in smelting industry
MARIUS BRITZ "WIKA prefers to focus on the resolution of application and industry challenges, therefore creating value for the customer such as improved optimisation, reliability and availability" - Marius Britz

New ecofriendly blaster instrument introduced

17th February 2023 High-quality corrosion instrumentation supplier BAMR introduced the ecofriendly Bristle Blaster Cordless instrument – a product of blasting solutions company MontiPower – to the local market in April last year.  BAMR is the Southern African distributor of the Bristle Blaster range including the... 

Firm pursues ‘excellent’ project

10th February 2023 Exploration and development company World Copper (WCU) announced on April 20, 2021, that it had reached an agreement with resource company Cardero Resource Corporation to acquire 100% of Cardero’s Zonia copper oxide project. The acquisition was completed in  February last year. Moreover, royalty... 

Firm explores novel extraction following site metamorphoses

10th February 2023 Lithium extraction from the Salar del Diablo property – covering 103 450 ha – will require a novel technique, given recent geological changes. The property, in the state of Baja California, in Mexico, is four-million years old. Lithium separation technologies company One World Lithium (OWL)... 

Firm explores novel extraction following site metamorphoses
JACK LIFTON Lithium is the “clear incumbent metal of choice” in the race to develop and implement rechargeable batteries for future energy consumption, which means that players within the lithium space must innovate and adapt to meet global demand

Miner progresses Nevada project to meet ballooning demand

10th February 2023 Lithium projects company American Lithium is focused on enabling the shift to the new energy paradigm through the continued development of its strategically located Tonopah Lithium Claims (TLC) lithium claystone project in the Esmeralda County of Nevada, in the US. International financial... 

Miner progresses Nevada project  to meet ballooning demand
SIMON CLARKE “The company is targeting a ‘cut and cover’ mining methodology for the claystone-hosted lithium mineralisation to create a sustainable blueprint for long-term operations” – Simon Clarke

Advancement of NICO project exceeds C$135-million spend

10th February 2023 Mining company Fortune Minerals has invested more than C$135-million to advance its NICO cobalt/gold/bismuth/copper project from an in-house discovery to a near shovel-ready vertically integrated critical minerals asset with a positive feasibility study, environmental assessment approval, and the... 

Advancement of NICO project exceeds C$135-million spend
UNDER THE SOIL The unique mineral assemblage of the NICO deposit makes it a primary cobalt deposit that includes 1.1-million ounces of gold, 12% of global bismuth reserves and minor by-product copper

Company well positioned to supply auto industry

27th January 2023 Since the implementation of certification, approval and other government requirements for manufacturing localisation – where possible – bolts and nuts manufacturer Impala Bolt and Nut is well positioned in the fasteners market to supply the automotive industry. Impala Bolt and Nut MD Derek Cohen... 

Company well positioned to supply auto industry
FASTEN IT Almost nothing can be built without fasteners, so the potential market for the company’s product is almost limitless

Investment firm foresees positive outlook for sector

27th January 2023 Investment firm Agile Capital foresees opportunities for growth in the local automotive original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply chain with a localisation target of 60% by 2035, which is in line with the South African Automotive Masterplan and the Extension of the Automotive Production and... 

Investment firm foresees positive outlook for sector
LIZ KOLOBE The success of any business requires a motivated management team and we have found that it is paramount to partner with people with whom you can have an open, honest relationship

AAAM to unlock Africa’s economic potential – CEO

27th January 2023 The African Association of Automotive Manufacturers’ (AAAM’s) objective is to expand and deepen the automotive industry across Africa by working with African governments. This will be achieved by developing, refining and implementing auto policies and ecosystems that will attract investors and... 

AAAM to unlock Africa’s economic potential – CEO
DAVID COFFEY "The continental strategy promotes countries to align with and complement neighbouring countries in order to facilitate inclusivity and the development of the automotive industry" - David Coffey

Accreditation pivots automotive SMMEs’ progress

27th January 2023 Despite small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) being a big driver of employment and economic growth in South Africa, many of these businesses face several challenges during the startup phase, especially in the automotive sector. However, early implementation of credible standards and... 

Substitute will not dampen cobalt demand

20th January 2023 Cobalt is vital for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, but research shows that cobalt can result in oxygen release at high voltage, which damages the batteries. Moreover, the vast majority of the world’s cobalt reserves are in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which presents security... 

Substitute will not dampen cobalt demand
COBALT Cobalt is a key component in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and mobile phones

Treatment system upgraded

20th January 2023 Water purification and preservation company Watericon commissioned 11 storage containers around the island of Mauritius early this year.   Watericon has received a yearly tender to install and maintain storage containers to capture water during rainfall. The company is looking at installing 15... 

Policy hampering transport rebuild

20th January 2023 Zinc is a highly valued metal in the rail and road sector because it is used to coat steel to reduce corrosion and extend the life to replacement of large capital items, says International Zinc Association Africa Desk executive director Simon Norton. There is an urgent need to rebuild and expand... 

New local zinc refinery deemed urgent

20th January 2023 The use of the multipurpose base metal, zinc, in South Africa, has “been through a rollercoaster over the past ten to 12 years”, says International Zinc Association (IZA) Africa Desk executive director Simon Norton. With the Zincor refinery – owned by minerals mining company Exxaro – being closed... 

New local zinc refinery deemed urgent
COAT OF PROTECTION Refined zinc is largely used for galvanising steel and steel sheeting for the civil engineering and construction industries

Automotive sector bolsters aluminium demand

20th January 2023 There has been significant demand from the automotive sector for aluminium owing to the need for lightweight material in internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles. The use of aluminium in vehicle production has been steadily increasing, displacing alternative materials over the years,... 

Automotive sector bolsters  aluminium demand
FOR GOOD When used in automobiles, aluminium can significantly improve performance and fuel economy

R2.3-billion contract for BRVAS approved

20th January 2023 The City of Cape Town Council approved the R2.3-billion Water Supply Agreement (WSA) with the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) on October 27, 2022 for the Berg River to Voëlvlei Augmentation Scheme (BRVAS). The BRVAS, implemented by the DWS and the Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority, enables... 

Multipurpose filter guarantees ‘exceptional’ results

2nd December 2022 Triple R – a cellulose-based cartridge/filter for removing all oil impurities – manufactured in Triple R’s fully automated factory in Ohira, Japan, guarantees 100% filtration. The Triple R filter optimises production expenditures, provides cost savings, improves machine reliability, increases... 

Multipurpose filter guarantees ‘exceptional’ results
TRIPLE R Triple R filter systems can remove all pollutants such as solid particles, varnish and water with one filter element, and is not only designed for oil impurities

Specialist introduces new filter bag

2nd December 2022 Filtration supplier and specialist Filcon Filters released its new Jumbo Titan Filter bag last month. The new Jumbo Titan Filter bag is the ideal product to fundamentally address an age-old industrial problem of getting maximum life without the danger of the bag bursting, says Filcon Filters... 

Specialist introduces new filter bag
FILTER IT The Jumbo Titan Filter bag offers continuous operations with minimum replacement interruptions and, as a result, has an extended service life

ATEX-approved products provide safe solutions

2nd December 2022 To prevent the danger of combustible dust and gas explosions, and to create a safer environment, Nederman products sole distributor Envirox uses atmosphere explosible- (ATEX-) approved Nederman solutions to reduce the dangers associated with combustible dust. Combustible dust, also known as... 

ATEX-approved products provide  safe solutions
Photo by Envirox
VENT Dust collectors must be fitted with an explosion vent to release the pressure and flames, should a dust explosion occur

Filters combat poor air quality

2nd December 2022 Sole distributor of Camfil filters, Air and Lab Products Africa (ALPA), and manufacturer of premium clean-air solutions, Camfil, have taken the initiative to provide two air filters – the Dynavane filter and the corrosion resistant molecular filter – to combat human health issues and poor air... 

Filters combat poor air quality
DYNAVANE The Dynavane filter is self-cleaning and does not require routine maintenance. It is designed to provide long, trouble-free service under the most difficult conditions

Company's X-600 filter element remains ‘unrivalled’

2nd December 2022 Sefar Group subsidiary and filtration company Sefar Filter Pure released its X-600 – a high-temperature pleated filter element – in January 2020. Despite being two years since its release, Sefar Filter Pure is the only manufacturer and distributor of the X-600, which is used in dust extraction... 

Company's X-600 filter element remains ‘unrivalled’
X-600 The X-600 offers a filtration area at least two to four times higher than that of conventional bags of the same diameter

Contractor steadily transforms its workforce

25th November 2022 Transformation in the world of underground mining – historically dominated by white males – is not easy to achieve but contractor and mine development service provider Murray & Roberts Cementation believes it is making steady progress towards its goal of having a workforce that reflects the... 

Contractor steadily transforms its workforce
Photo by Murray & Roberts
ALL FOR ONE Murray & Roberts Cementation is making steady progress towards its goal of having a workforce that reflects the demographics of the country

Culture carriers vital in construction

25th November 2022 Contractors operating in the mining sector –  a sector defined by teamwork, trust and transparent communication –  must organically establish a cogent foundation for partnership throughout the construction process. To establish this foundation and ensure a positive outcome once the construction... 

Culture carriers vital in construction
CARRYING THE TEAM Culture carriers are influential and inspire others, and thus can be powerful drivers for the company

E-series tankers improve competitiveness

25th November 2022 Newly adapted water tankers complement local equipment manufacturer Bell Equipment’s competitiveness and have promoted ease and accuracy in mining and construction by increasing remote monitoring capabilities, providing automated diagnostics, improving control mechanisms and enhancing overall... 

E-series tankers improve competitiveness
Photo by Bell Equipment
ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES One of the primary purposes of a water tanker in construction is dust suppression

Insufficient capacity impedes sustainability

18th November 2022 The future of iron-ore as a commodity remains good, as demand should stay relatively stable, but for junior and midtier miners the future appears limited, owing to the lack of logistics capacity to export iron-ore via the current iron export channel, says JSE-listed mining and materials company... 

Insufficient capacity impedes sustainability
Photo by Afrimat
IRONS IN THE FIRE Afrimat selectively acquires Junior miners’ product to improve its product quality and volume when needed

AI improves productivity

18th November 2022 The iron-ore mining sector continues to develop and enhance its productivity by introducing various types of sensors and information-capturing devices throughout the value chain to reduce production time and ensure fewer project interruptions. The devices achieve these goals using artificial... 

AI improves productivity
Photo by Stone Three
DETECT AND EXTRACT The particle size analyser can be used to prevent the truck from tipping, in the event of oversize material, or to examine the mining performance

Stringent standards dampening SMMEs’ participation

4th November 2022 Small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) advisory and project management firm  Zevoli Growth Partners (ZGP) has partnered with education and training solutions provider African Management Institute (AMI) to create a programme that helps South Africa’s mining industry build a stronger SMME... 

Stringent standards dampening SMMEs’ participation
MPOPI KHUPE Only becoming acutely aware of the compliance, mandatory and technical requirements at the RFx stage often results in an imminent opportunity being missed

Scrupulous project management deemed a must

4th November 2022 The most important aspect of project management – a proven management discipline that focuses efforts, engages stakeholders and provides a framework within which work is integrated and closely controlled – is to define the scope of work, says University of Pretoria (UP) project management... 

Scrupulous project management deemed  a must
GIEL BEKKER Project managers must ask themselves what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and what the objectives to be met are

Skills shortages detrimental to mining projects

4th November 2022 To carry out any mining project, one must have the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to optimise time and produce high-quality work. Ability to do this requires continuous development, training and upliftment of personnel to avoid any skills shortages, says consultancy firm Wood mining and... 

Skills shortages detrimental to mining projects
HENRY JONKER As a global organisation, Wood really tries to do work on a global platform


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