Winston Chitando

9th September 2011 By: Jonathan Faurie

Full Name: Winston Chitando

Position: MD of Mimosa Mining, president of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe

Main Activity of the Company: Mining

Date and Place of Birth: Gutu, Masvingo province, Zimbabwe, September 1962

Education: Bachelor of accountancy degree, University of Zimbabwe

First Job: Graduate trainee at the Hwange colliery

Number of People under Your Leadership: 1 796

Latest Mining Weekly coverage: Tons milled at Mimosa in nine months remained unchanged at 1.7-million, as did platinum production in concentrate at 77 000 oz – Mining Weekly report on Impala Platinum, May 27, 2011.

Management Style: Inclusive

Personal Best Achievement: Appointment as MD of Mimosa

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: My parents and family

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Richard Branson

Philosophy of Life: There is no substitute for hard work

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Joining Anglo American as a graduate trainee straight after university in 1984

Biggest Ever Disappointment: No big disappointments – life is what you make it

Hope for the Future: A prosperous mining sector

Favourite Reading: Nonfiction books

Favourite TV Programme: Current affairs and nonfiction movies

Favourite Food/Drink: Sadza ‘pap’ and beef bones/Mazoe orange

Favourite Music: Classical

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Hobbies: Watching soccer

Car: Audi

Pets: None

Dislikes: People who do not tell the truth

Married: To Irene

Children: Two daughters and a son

Clubs: Harare Sports Club