Wearable monitoring device prioritises workers’ health and safety

6th September 2022 By: Mariaan Webb - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor Online

Wearable monitoring device prioritises workers’ health and safety

HEALTH SNAPSHOT Wearable monitoring devices detect and monitor data from the user.

Accidents and incidents result in financial losses of millions of rands and hours spent on claim documentation. Elite Vine, a South African technology firm launched in 2016, together with Valecus developed a solution for businesses to prioritise the health and safety of employees. Valecus is a wearable technology that provides an answer to this problem.

Valecus, a cloud-based platform, measures the wellness and status of a user's wellbeing using automation, artificial intelligence (AI), integration capabilities, sophisticated features, and smart algorithms. The Valecus platform is supported by wearable monitoring devices that detect and monitor data from the user in real-time, providing decision-makers with an information platform regarding each individual's wellness and performance electronically or technologically. The measurements used include blood glucose level, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and others.

"Valecus can assist with the measurement of the driver's vitals and detect irregularities and deterioration of the driver's condition all in real-time," says Elite Vine VP and marketing director Mario Nel. “The solution is a simple device that sends all essential information to decision-makers promptly. This brilliant system helps to save lives while also prioritising staff health and safety."

As a monitoring station, Valecus displays an overview of all employees' current health- related readings, detects at-risk employees using colour codes, and displays the employee’s status according to risk.

"Through the use of technology, software, automation, bots, algorithms, design, and development, we believe in empowering our clients.

“We provide a wide range of technology services, from basic to sophisticated, including, but not limited to, AI and automation, device-to-device communications and features, big data and cloud-based solutions, integration capabilities, features and services, technological problem insight, analysis and consultation, and hardware," says Elite Vine CEO and founder Jandre Janse van Vuuren.

"Elite Vine speaks technical so that our clients don't have to. We strive to provide advice on how to improve, extend, or attain a certain technology goal by utilising our sophisticated technological skills and knowledge. Our main goal is to provide peace of mind and clarity so that our clients can attain their goals in a systematic manner."

Elite Vine strives to provide clients with our experienced and excellent service by assisting with the entire product development life cycle and post-delivery/launch services.

"Our drivers drive really long hours because we work all over the country and cross borders," says Eddie van Emmenis, owner of Emmies Refrigeration, a client of Elite Vine. “The cost of the equipment against having peace of mind about our truck drivers' vitals makes this product worthwhile."

Andries Sonnenberg from Sonnenberg Diamond Diggers, agrees. "It is necessary to see the employees’ vitals as part of our risk management programme. The risk-alert alerts remove the assumption that the employee is fine. The system is simple to use because of its straightforward integration and reports."

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