Victor Industrial Equipment

22nd October 2021

Victor Industrial Equipment

Victor Industrial Equipment, which has been serving the mining industry for more than 80 years, is an electrical connector manufacturer which supplies a range of products to suit the mining industry’s needs. 

Their product range includes electrical connectors for underground and open-pit applications. Additional services they offer includes a pumps division for any dewatering needs and repairs; a lighting division, which includes the X-Glo LED lighting range; and a cable division that offers running of cable shops, as well as a certified training facility. 

As part of their opencast range of connectors, Victor Industrial Equipment supplies the standard range as well as a range installed with a live line indicator – a device with an added safety feature giving the user an indication of when the coupler is engaged. The unit uses the electrical field effect to illuminate each phase LED. It is currently available in the 4” and 5” couplers and comes standard in the 5/8kV range.

Additionally, Victor Industrial Equipment is able to supply cable of varying sizes and specifications. An example of this type of cable, known as the Tenax-Lumen cable, is manufactured by Prysmian Group in Germany.

Tenax-Lumen is a self-luminous cable which is extremely robust and supplies power to large mobile mining equipment in environments where it is crucial that the cable is visible. It is intended to be used as trailing cable for large mobile equipment such as shovels and draglines to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment. The transparent polyurethane outer sheath, combined with the use of active illuminating elements allows the cable to be illuminated whether energized or not. The extremely robust sheath has excellent resistance against impact, abrasion and tearing and has exceptional cold resistance down to -50 ˚C. It is also resistant to UV, ozone, oil and moisture making it not only durable but extremely robust.