Upgrading, broadening industry services to facilitate growth

10th June 2016 By: Sascha Solomons

Upgrading, broadening  industry services to  facilitate growth

COMBINED STRENGTH Sapsda training courses combine the expertise of individuals working in the pumps industry

With better prospects for the pumps industry, owing to the favourable exchange rate, the Southern African Pump Systems Development Association (Sapsda) is encouraging its members to take advantage of export opportunities during this time, Sapsda treasurer Holly Smith emphasises.

“There are vast opportunities available for pumps companies; however, these companies need to broaden and update their range of services to secure more contracts and they need to ensure they understand the complexities of the export market with regard to different processes and documentation used by different countries on an international basis,” she says, pointing out that the association assists companies in this regard by providing courses.

Smith says Sapsda is working on being registered as an accredited training provider with the Engineering Council of South Africa so that its courses are accredited for the benefit of its members, and with the Department of Trade and Industry as a development association to further assist its members with export opportunities.

In aiming to develop the pumps industry in all Southern African countries, Sapsda not only provides skills and training but also offers networking opportunities through which it encourages transformation and the use of local content.

Sapsda notes that encouraging transformation and the use of local content benefits the pumps industry because it is facilitated through a peer-regulated endorsed process by industry experts.

Sapsda CEO Lester Fine adds that some association members have the expertise to assist in solving pumping problems.

“The main focus is, thus, to provide a platform where individuals in the pumps industry are exposed to a variety of training as well as possible solutions they could use in their companies so that they are ready to take advantage of business opportunities when they arise.”

Fine explains that the courses offered by Sapsda include an introduction course, in which the basic principles of pumps are covered, specifically from a practical perspective, and an advanced course that covers all aspects of the pumps industry from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Smith says the courses are each held over two days, in which trainees or members from different companies are exposed to new developments in the industry and technological advancements, as well as project enhancement and opportunities.

Participating in the Sapsda training courses enables experts to impart their skills and knowledge to individuals in the pumps industry, she points out. It also includes networking opportunities whereby suppliers, manufacturers, end-users, employers and labour meet informally, develop an understanding of one another’s challenges and create symbiotic relationships.