Umbani Software

10th September 2018

Umbani Software

Shane Horn Software Development Manager

Umbani Software was established in 1992. We have extensive experience in designing systems and our bespoke software services cover multiple platforms including Windows, Web and Mobile. We stand by our slogan of “What solution can we write for you” and aim to simplify any problem giving an effective solution that is both robust and reliable.

Our software solutions are utilised over all industries, although our prime focus is in the manufacturing and mining areas, where we have more than 25 years’ experience as a company. Our development team is situated in South Africa, with our support and services extending worldwide. We see the world moving more into the web and mobile solution environment, with increased reliance on cloud hosting of complex applications to disseminate and analyse data in real time.

Our software solutions allow for effective reaction to events and business intelligence reporting on fresh data for a more predictive and proactive response to changing situations compared to the traditional reactive response. Through the effective use of technology, we aim to provide solutions to complex problems which are simplified and accessible to all users.

Our “off the shelf” products include SHEQsys, a cloud-based safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) software management system that allows for inexpensive but effective SHEQ reporting and Mtsys, a scheduled, preventative breakdown management and reporting software system that enables clients to effectively control their maintenance requirements.

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