Ukwazi launches sustainable mining, environmental and mine closure management division

1st June 2020 By: Schalk Burger - Creamer Media Senior Contributing Editor

Mining service specialist company Ukwazi on June 1 launched a new division to provide solutions for environmental and closure liability management, including post-closure plans.

New approaches in environmental and social governance are required to successfully manage complex country, market and operational risks, Ukwazi MD Jaco Lotheringen said in a media release.

Ukwazi’s Sustainable Mining Practice (USMP) is led by a team of natural scientists and engineers with sector capabilities across a range of fields from value engineering to sustainable mining.

Ukwazi’s new service offering comprises specialist environmental studies, the execution of closure and post-closure plans, expert advice in line with local and international requirements and accurate closure estimation.

Concurrent rehabilitative mining strategies, including reprocessing, water treatment and waste management,will also be a key focus area.

"The USMP will adopt a fully integrated approach to environmental risk management. Our overall objective is to transform existing closure design philosophy by shifting the focus to comprehensive, life-cycle liability management; lowering costs, reducing risk and strengthening balance sheets," said USMP head Dr Christine Vivier.

“We will also be offering clients comprehensive digital monitoring through our Environmental Management Information Systems, and our project delivery is based on engineering, procurement and construction management principles or bespoke contractual services.”

Ukwazi’s end goal is to transform active mines into safe, stable and sustainable landforms, fully equipped to support future economic activities.

All industry stakeholders can agree that environmental and social sustainability lies at the heart of the future of mining, said Ukwazi Business Development head Spencer Eckstein.

"Innovation, coupled with enhanced regulatory and reporting requirements, makes finding tailored, cutting-edge solutions in this field imperative. The new offering will help mines rethink their environmental and closure planning." averred Lotheringen.

As mining solutions architects, Ukwazi has specialist capability in environmental and liability management, value engineering and mine rehabilitation.

It also partners with small, medium-sized and microenterprises within the resources sector to deliver professional mining contracting solutions, while fostering growth, transformation and employment creation, he concluded.