Two installations prove company’s mettle

13th May 2022 By: Halima Frost - Reporter

Two installations prove company’s mettle

BIG BURNER Steam Generation has installed two burners for a client based in Isando

Industrial boiler manufacturer Steam Generation has successfully completed two projects in Africa that highlight its ability to improve energy efficiency and management for clients.

“We commissioned a steam generation plant for a notable brewery in Accra, Ghana, in January, which entailed industrial equipment supplier CERTUSS steam generators that enable the brewery to manage demand fluctuations during its brewing process without interruption,” Steam Generation commercial director Nathi Hlophe tells Engineering News.

Every steam generator fires about 2 000 kg/h at about 10 bar and can work independently or in sequence, mitigating any downtime, should there be a need for maintenance or a shutdown.

“Additionally, the steam generators can be switched off and on when needed, negating the need to leave them idling, as would have happened with older, less efficient steam generators,” Hlophe adds.

He explains that Steam Generation’s technologies are fully automatic and modulated, with remote monitoring functionality, and provide savings for clients on water, electricity and fuel costs, thereby significantly reducing the total cost of ownership over the plant’s life cycle.

The CERTUSS steam generators, with rapid steam technologies and improved heating capabilities, can reach full steam in as little as five minutes.

“The efficiency gains that are being realised for this client so far are about 22%, which can be improved on even more when the boilers are running at optimal parameters.”

Consequently, the company has been tasked with the design and installation of a full liquified natural gas (LNG) pipeline for the client to replace its current gas infrastructure.

“We will start on the LNG pipeline in June this year,” Hlophe states.

Meanwhile, a second project has proventhat the installation of a newer, more advanced Cochran ST25 boiler has improved the client's gas consumption by about 15%.

The project – for a JSE-listed local food, home and personal care product producer, in Isando, Gauteng – entailed the installation of two 3 000 kg/h burners, equipped with Autoflame Mk8 micro-modulating combustion controls, from industrial burner manufacturer Limpsfield.

The combustion controls allow for unmanned or virtual access to the controls of the boilers for up to 72 hours, without physical interventions.

“Additionally, the client has reported an increase in production efficiency of about 20%,” he enthuses.

Hlophe adds that Steam Generation’s newer boiler technologies also improve the client's nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide emissions to under 100 mg/Nm3 when firing on natural gas, which is well within legislative requirements.

The project also included the supply of two flue gas economisers, which repurposes the heat generated in the boiler process, throughout the plant.

Hlophe concludes that the company’s full engineering, procurement and construction product offering can increase efficiencies, decrease running cost and improve the client's production output.