Treve Hendry, Argent

6th August 2004 By: Laura Franz

Full name: Treve Robert Hendry

Position: CEO of Argent Industrial Limited since 1999

Main activity of company: Manufacture of mild-steel and stainless-steel vehicle accessories; steel trading; manufacture of mild-steel and stainless-steel fireplaces and barbeques, ready-mixed concrete, steel fabrication and steel manipulation.

Date and place of birth: August 20, 1966, Cornwall, UK

Education: Treverton College, Kwazulu-Natal, 1984; B Com (Wits); B Compt (Unisa); CA (SA) 1992

First job: Auditing clerk, Ernst & Young, 1988

Size of first pay packet: Can’t remember

First job with present group: Accountant, Phoenix Steel Natal, 1995

Value of the assets under your control: R455-million

Number of people under your leadership: 1 216

Management style: Achieve, put it behind you and go to the next level

Personal best achievement: First US automotive order from Reliable Automotive, Kansas City, 2000

Professional best achievement: Argent’s current turnover of R600-million a year off real-time, on-going engineering business

Person who has had the biggest influence on your life: My father

Person who has had the biggest influence on my career: Stan Ferreira

Person who you would most like to meet: Cyril Ramaphosa

Businessperson who has impressed you the most: Cyril Ramaphosa

Philosophy of life: Work, work, work

Biggest ever opportunity: Buying Jetmaster

Biggest ever disappointment: None

Hope for the future: That skin colour becomes irrelevant

Favourite reading: Sky News

Favourite food and drink: Chicken and Castle

Favourite music: None

Favourite sport: Formula 1 motor racing

Favourite website: None

Hobbies: Work

Car: Land Rover

Pets: Two Labradors

Miscellaneous dislikes: Liars and people who are trying to score money

Favourite other South African company: Bidvest

Favourite foreign company: All the companies we thought were great have been a disappointment

Married: Clare Bull, November 9, 1997

Children: Rowan, 4; Shannon, 1

Clubs: None