Training aims to enhance on-site safety

5th November 2021 By: Theresa Bhowan-Rajah - journalist

Training aims to enhance on-site safety

SIAN THURTELL Experiential training can enhance the retention of knowledge

With businesses constantly evolving and adapting, safety training solutions provider KBC Health and Safety is also adapting and advancing its training solutions to ensure that it is creating value and positively impacting on its clients.

Consequently, the company has created a new safety solution, which is not only tailored to meet clients’ safety needs but also ensures that training is experiential.

“We believe that experiential training can enhance the retention of knowledge. This type of immersive training easily translates into practical workplace operations, and the training and learning can be easily applied. This, in turn, can impact on the overall safety, health and environment (SHE) performance of our clients,” says KBC Health and Safety COO Sian Thurtell.

Through its three new key processes – implementation and processes, safety performance coaches, and continuous learning and reinforcement, KBC intends to enhance the long-term safety of clients.

“KBC will apply a targeted implementation and process plan that will be specifically tailored to the client to ensure that the solution aligns to the client’s organisational SHE culture, objectives and strategies. Another benefit of a fully tailor-made solution  would be a fully aligned safety culture across multiple sites, which can include employees, as well as contractors.”

Thurtell explains that KBC begins by carrying out organisational diagnostics to understand the current state of safety operations, as well as the desired state of safety operations.

Once established, the most effective focus areas and strategies can be identified and implemented.

Further, KBC has introduced the concept of safety performance coaches (SPCs),  who are responsible for tracking, reporting and offering on-the-job gap coaching.

“When a health and safety code is violated with or without an incident, the coaches will be available to explain to colleagues the error in execution and help them to understand the correct process instead. This will help to sustain learning and mitigate a lapse in health and safety adherence,” Thurtell tells Mining Weekly.

Safety performance coaches will have the ability, through training by KBC, to gather critical data, which will be delivered to the client through a monthly digital dashboard report. This equips the client with valuable insights and analysis to understand if there are widespread violations of a particular nature that require immediate attention.

Critical areas may need reinforced training, whether it be through microlearning, refresher learning modules or simply face-to-face coaching, which can be delivered through various platforms.

Through experiential training sessions, as well as on-site, hands-on training, continuous learning and reinforcement can be attained.

Thurtell states that, in addition to keeping clients compliant and within legislative frameworks, as well as KBC’s being an established national training provider that has all resources and accreditations readily available, the company’s training solutions are sustainable.

“With our advanced experiential training and ongoing implementation plan, our interventions are not simply a ‘one-off’ solution, but rather a sustained solution.”

“No matter what an employee’s educational level is, through hands-on role playing, experiments and demonstrations in our KBC Hazard Park, our training is easily implemented directly on the job. Practical modules impacts on every learner,” she concludes.