Terence Goodlace

19th October 2018 By: Martin Creamer - Creamer Media Editor

Terence Goodlace

Full Name: Terence Philip Goodlace

Position: Nonexecutive director of Gold Fields, nonexecutive director of Kumba Iron Ore, nonexecutive director of AfriTin, former CEO of Impala Platinum

Main Activities of the Companies: The mining of gold, iron-ore and tin

Date and Place of Birth: April 6, 1959, Johannesburg

Education: MBA, BCom, national higher diploma (metalliferous mining)

First Job: Learner miner

Size of First Pay Packet: About R200 a month

Management Style: A professional contingency style

Personal Best Achievement: More recently, working with the Metorex team to recapitalise and reposition the company as a financially sound base metals company

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: Ian Cockerill

Person You Would Most Like to Have Met: Nelson Mandela

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Bill Gates

Philosophy of Life: Desiderata

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Working at Gold Fields during its international growth phase

Biggest Ever Disappointment: Our collective failure to reduce the crime rate in South Africa

Hope for the Future: That we stop destroying the planet and that Africa harnesses and develops its considerable human, mineral and natural resources

Favourite Reading: Wildlife, science-related literature and biographies

Favourite TV Programmes: The Discovery, history and sports channels, as well as the Gold Rush and Coal series

Favourite Food/Drink: Caesar salads/freezachinos

Favourite Music: Queen – Made in Heaven

Favourite Sports: Cricket, rugby and top-level football

Hobbies: Wildlife viewing, cycling

Car: Bicycle

Pets: Kitty cat

Dislikes: When I let myself down

Married: To Beverley

Children: Richard

Clubs: Cycle Lab Supercycling Club