Supplier reconditions hydraulic cylinder assemblies

28th January 2022 By: Claire O'Reilly

Honed tube, chrome bar and cylinder kits supplier Honingcraft group of companies has reconditioned its hydraulic cylinder barrels and hydraulic cylinder rods as semi-finished assemblies.

Honingcraft’s complete barrel assembly and complete rod assembly are applicable to many sectors, including mining, agriculture and transportation. The process was developed in South Africa and is the result of more than 34 years of expertise in the hydraulic manufacturing industry, says marketing agency Bydrae chief technology officer Gerhard Pretorius.

The base materials are imported, specifically the tube and rod, but the additional value is added in South Africa at Honingcraft’s two plants in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

“By manufacturing the two components as separate cylinder parts kept in stock, Honingcraft can increase customers’ flexibility when responding to machine breakdowns and maintenance, with lower operational expenditure. It achieved lower operating expenditure by reducing the turnaround time of manufacturing the new cylinders and extending the economic life span of hydraulics in general.”

By seeing the cylinder as two separate components, a cylinder with a damaged barrel can be placed back into operation by simply replacing the broken barrel instead of waiting for a whole new cylinder to be manufactured. This lowers the cost to repair and speeds up the process meaning workshops and repair facilities have more options when trying to get an earthmoving machine or similar capital equipment back into the field speedily, he adds.

Honingcraft’s hydraulic cylinder barrels and hydraulic cylinder differs from the traditional manufacturing process. “By cutting out at least two steps in the manufacturing process, we decrease the turnaround time for critical component repairs,” adds Pretorius.

A cylinder barrel assembly would typically include the barrel-end mounting, end-cap and honed tube. The port holes are drilled into the barrel, and the ports are welded onto the barrel. The barrel is then threaded or a flange is welded onto the barrel to fit the gland. The process is completed with a final hone to account for any warping during the welding process, Pretorius explains.

A cylinder rod assembly would typically include a rod end mounting, the cylinder rod – made from chromed bar or induction- hardened chrome bar – as well as a piston.

This product is specifically designed for remote operators who have limited manufacturing equipment and who need to keep machines running in harsh climates.

These products have been successfully exported to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Australia.

Having a semi-finished, “ready-to-go” component is the difference between a breakdown causing an operation-wide standstill or a simple issue that can be quickly dealt with and resolved, he concludes.