Step forward for Serabi at Coringa

31st July 2023 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Brazil-focused Serabi Resources has signed an agreement with the representatives of indigenous communities, confirming their support for the development of the Coringa gold mine development.

The agreement also sets out the steps to be followed to complete the consultation process with Kabu Institute and the Mantino Indigenous Association, which together represent all the communities of the Baú Indigenous Territory.

“I recognise that the past 18 months have generated some uncertainty regarding Coringa and Serabi’s ability to develop the project and realise its full potential. I hope that others share my view that this agreement significantly reduces this uncertainty and provides a strong platform for the company to move forward with confidence,” Serabi CEO Mike Hodgson said in a statement.

The parties have agreed not to take actions to suspend the development of the Coringa project in recognition of the long-term direct and indirect local economic benefits. They also agreed that the licences and titles granted to date for the project are valid.

Over the next 180 days, Serabi and the communities will work to complete all remaining aspects of the consultation process.

“While we still have to complete the Indigenous studies and the formal consultation process, there is a willingness from all parties for this to be done as quickly as possible,” said Hodgson.