Shape your plan for real results. That’s A CVA.

2nd September 2021 By: Yolande Botes - Creamer Media Assistant Chief Operating Officer and Personal Assistant to the Publishing Editor

Shape your plan for real results. That’s A CVA.

A lot goes into equipment lifecycle management: cash flow, planning maintenance, managing a fleet with high production. What if there was an easy solution to get support from your Cat dealer and keep your bottom line growing? Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) for mining are customizable plans to help you maintain equipment, keep your fleet moving and get the most from your machine throughout its lifecycle. With flexible price options, built-in cost controls and a range of guarantees, your dealer can tailor these plans to bring convenience to your work and results to your business. If you choose Cat equipment for industry-leading quality, this is the ownership plan to discover unmatched service and support.

Your equipment lifecycle management hinges on two factors: lowering costs and increasing uptime. But as a mining company, you know first-hand how your business achieves fewer costs and more uptime depends on the makeup of your operation. That’s why your Cat dealer will work with you to find the right plan — starting from the foundation of the flexible plans below. The ultimate goal is to shape a plan within your budget to maximize your equipment’s lifecycle.

Each plan is flexible for you to do more work with lower, more predictable costs. It’s about controlling cash flow and getting dealer support specific to what your operation needs. While every plan comes with options to fit your operation — each CVA is rooted in four key value areas.

Hassle-Free Maintenance features Genuine Cat® Parts delivered right on schedule, right to your location.

Security of Expert Dealer Support includes component assurance to reduce risk of unplanned costs on covered repairs.

Peace of Mind of Equipment Health Management provides you with machine alerts and information, as well as inspections and fluid health monitoring.

And Hassle-Free Ownership means your CVA preferences are part of one flexible plan, with options for a cost-per-hour payment structure.

By working with your dealer to develop your CVA, you get not only get dedicated time and attention from expert dealers, but you also get access to key equipment health information, predictable costs and price options that work for your business.

Ready to take your equipment ownership to the next level? Across-the-board solutions await your fleet. They’re your plans, with your preferences, to get more work done at a lower total cost. Ask your Cat dealer about CVA options or learn more by visiting today.