Several pump solutions on show

20th August 2021

Several pump solutions on show

MORE THAN ABLE Abel pumps are robust and built with user-friendly features that do not require special tools or many personnel to maintain them

Pump manufacturer Abel Pumps will be exhibiting several solutions for the toughest mine pumping requirements at this year’s MINExpo International in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US. The company has several pumps for the removal of mine tailings, backfill, mine dewatering and filter press requirements.

The introduction of the HM series piston actuated diaphragm pumps, with up to four diaphragms, along with the industry’s only truly electric-operated double diaphragm pump, and a robust high pressure triplex plunger pump for filter cloth wash, makes for a good line-up for most mining pumping needs.

The piston-actuated HM Series diaphragm pumps can handle the toughest slurries with high solids content under pressure, with a variety of options to tailor it to the needs of the customers’ individual requirements. These pumps can handle mineral solids contents of up to 70%. They should be considered legacy pumps, as they last on average about 30 years, if they are properly maintained and applied correctly.

The electric-operated double diaphragm pump also provides longevity, with relatively maintenance-free operation, with a heavy-duty design. The EM series can handle mineral solids of up to 40%.

The HP high pressure filter cloth wash triplex plunger pumps are also built for long service life and a friendly running cycle feature. This range also has Abel’s patented 3/2-way valve system to vary the fluid discharge and protect the pump.

In recent months, several pump orders have been equipped with the Abel Smart Pump Assistant. This monitoring system is an innovative, intelligent monitoring tool that allows the customer to monitor pumps’ operating data permanently. This and other key data can be used to gain insights into wear indicators or irregularities.

By providing a continuous 24/7 view of the operating values of the displacement pumps, this new Abel service ensures the availability of the pump in the long term. Additionally, Abel's smart solution makes optimisation potential for the use of reciprocating diaphragm pumps visible to the customer.

All Abel pumps are robust and built with user-friendly features that do not require special tools or many personnel to maintain them. The company stocks parts, ensuring that delivery times and prices are competitive.

With good service in mind, Abel is capable of providing true solutions for several mine pumping requirements.