Sector News Advertising

11th September 2017

Sector News Advertising

The Sector News pages – easily accessible from the main navigation – segment the wealth of content on Engineering News Online or according to specific industry sectors and, therefore, make it easier for readers to quickly access content relevant to their specific interests.

All published content will appear on the relevant Sector News page – with the latest content at the top.

As you navigate to a specific industry sector you will note that the sector also has sub-sections that categorise the articles in sub-categories for that particular sector.  The reader can then choose to navigate to the main page – where all content appears, or many choose to select one of the sub-categories – depending on their interest.

Companies can choose to reserve any of the banner advertisements – either at the top of the page, the right-hand side or in-between articles on the page. 

Advertisements are booked for either 1, 3 6 or 12 months  - at very cost effective rates.

Adverts can either be static or animated and all adverts can be set to either link through to a company website, email address, PDF document or to any article on the Engineering News Online or websites.  The advertising material can also be updated at any time during the campaign.

For those wishing to advertise in an editorial format, or give prominence to any published article or press release, you can choose to book a company or sponsored post on any of the Sector News pages.  The post will include a brief headline and an image or company logo.  Both the headline and image will link through to the full article or press release – either on the Engineering News Online, or your website. 

As a value-add, all advertisements booked on a Sector News page, as well as a square-sized advert will receive random value-added exposure on other pages – in available positions – for the full duration of the campaign.  Companies are guaranteed a minimum number of advert impressions – depending on the length of the campaign.

To find out more about Sector News advertising or to secure your booking, please email or phone +27 11 622 3744