Explosionproof hoists, cranes

22nd July 2016

Explosionproof hoists, cranes

RISK OF EXPLOSION REDUCED Konecranes manual hoists are an economical solution in hazardous environments where electricity is not available or practical

Operating electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres requires specially designed and constructed lifting equipment to avoid the risk of explosion posed by gases, liquids, dusts, vapours and other substances, states lifting solutions company Konecranes.

Hazardous places are classified in terms of zones, according to the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive atmospheres. Konecranes offers equipment for zones 1 and 2 (gas-hazardous environments), as well as for zones 21 and 22 (dust-hazardous environments). Electrical equipment in these zones must be housed in an explosionproof or flameproof enclosure strong enough to contain any explosion without losing its explosionproof properties.

Konecranes has a comprehensive range of explosionproof cranes and components drawn from long experience in explosionproof applications. The range includes industrial cranes, jib cranes and manual cranes, as well as electric and manual hoists with lifting capacities of up to 160 t.

The company says its EXCXT electric wire rope hoists represent the highest levels of safety and quality in the lifting equipment industry. “An innovative mechanical configuration that prevents sparking, combined with state-of-the-art speed control and motor technology, makes the Konecranes EXCXT hoist an industry benchmark,” says Konecranes.

The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist is a durable lifting solution that features superior performance and the high level of safety and reliability vital in an explosive atmosphere, says the company. The EXN chain hoist has the configuration flexibility to suit a range of hazardous environments, providing a safe and ergonomic daily work area for operators.

Konecranes manual hoists are an economical solution in hazardous environments where electricity is not available or practical. Manual hoists are available for a range of load types and offer features to improve work efficiency.

Further, the company notes that fast, precise and safe load handling is most important when working in a hazardous environment. “With its speed and flexibility, the Konecranes EXATB AirBalancer is a great alternative to hoists. Its technology enables easy manual manipulation of items, with air pressure as the power source.”