Ricardo Ribeiro

13th July 2018 By: Martin Creamer - Creamer Media Editor

Ricardo Ribeiro

Full Name: Ricardo Cravo Ribeiro

Position: Currently, operations director of Rosond; effective October 1, 2018, MD of Rosond

Main Activity of the Company: Rosond is a drilling, geotechnical and grouting specialist

Date and Place of Birth: November 19, 1975, Tete, Mozambique

Education: BCom

First Job: Waiter for a catering company

Size of First Pay Packet: I cannot recall

Value of Assets under Your Control: R400-million

Number of People under Your Leadership: 1 500

Management Style: It varies, depending on who I engage with; I will always try to encourage creativity and initiative

Personal Best Achievement: Becoming a father

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life: My wife

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: My father and my former chairperson

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Kofi Annan

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Steve Jobs

Philosophy of Life: Treat others as you would want to be treated

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Management buyout of Rosond in 2011

Biggest Ever Disappointment: The loss of a major contract as a result of corruption

Hope for the Future: That the mining sector prospers once again

Favourite Reading: Anything by Malcolm Gladwell

Favourite Food/Drink: Anything Mediterranean

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Hobbies: Gym

Car: BMW

Pets: I have two Staffies, Petit and Gray

Miscellaneous Dislikes: Arrogance

Married: To Stella Ribeiro

Children: Daniel, 4; Gabriel, 6