Recycled oil refined for use as fuel in furnace burners

22nd January 2016 By: Bruce Montiea - Creamer Media Reporter

Recycled oil refined for use as fuel in furnace burners

BURNING REUSED OIL Technoburn encourages the use of recycled furnace oil for use in industrial burners and boilers

Recycling and refining recycled oil into fuel for furnace burners is a cost- effective solution and encourages recycling, says energy and fuel burning company Technoburn sales and marketing manager David Louch.

He adds that there is also an environmental benefit, as the recycled oil would otherwise be sent to landfills.

“Technoburn uses the recycled waste oil and refines it into various types of burner oils, such as fuel oil, heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil,” he points out.

Louch mentions that the recycled oil products have yielded more customers, as companies are beginning to realise that, depending on individual consumption rates, their fuel oil bills can be more than halved when using diesel.

Moreover, Technoburn also supplies high-quality boilers and burners to various industries, as the company has been experimenting with using different systems across industry, he adds.

As a result, the company is familiar with the intricacies of different combustion and steam-generation equipment, which work well and are reliable, efficient, easily maintained and cost effective to operate, notes Louch.

He adds that the boilers and burners are imported from reputable Italian manufacturers, including industrial and civil boilers producer I.Var.Industry

“The boilers are manufactured to BS EN 12953 and we can also supply various used and reconditioned units, depending on customer needs,” Louch points out.

The international BS EN 12953 series of standards applies to the design, construction, testing, inspection and operation of electrically heated and directly fired shell boilers, including low-pressure and heat recovery boilers intended for land use.

The purpose of the series of standards is to ensure that the hazards associated with operating shell boilers are reduced to a minimum and that adequate protection is provided to contain the remaining hazards when they come into service.

Meanwhile, Louch says Technoburn services and maintains more than 100 boilers and burners a month, with demand increasing to maintain older boilers, as new steam plants are expensive to buy.

The company also specialises in hot-water and steam boilers, as it owns and operates steam generation plants for various customers in the dairy, fast-moving consumer goods and textiles industries, besides others.

“We also focus on engineering excellence, pioneering technology and engineering adaptability, in addition to having a competent team which is available 24/7,” Louch highlights.

Moreover, he mentions that the company has managed to remain at the forefront of renewable- energy systems, owing to its engineering adaptability and exposure to different fuels and combustion systems.

“Further, we operate many unmanned steam generation plants while maintaining live direct communication links with each site to have first-hand information on what is happening on the ground. We also receive updates on the status of equipment and installed alarm systems,” he concludes.