Realise the true potential of your site with Rocketmine

23rd October 2020

Realise the true potential of your site with Rocketmine

Mine surveyors are often concerned that drone technology will make their current jobs redundant. At Rocketmine, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Rocketmine’s latest drone technology powers a company’s data value chain, allowing all departments the benefit of an unlimited single source of drone data, while also empowering all current software data flows. 

Rocketmine’s technology is a powerful operational asset in a surveyor’s arsenal, with a multitude of benefits which include: 

Ultimately, Rocketmine uses drones to work in partnership with surveyors, not against them; providing a comprehensive dataset which can be confidently relied on to conduct precise and error-free volumetric calculations and reporting. 

Rocketmine’s uncapped drone data offering will place a permanent pilot on site, along with all the necessary hardware and software. Companies will receive world-class drone technology tailored to a sites’ specific needs. 

Rocketmine also takes care of all compliance headaches - including regulatory and maintenance systems and functions. 

Depending on daily logistics and the total flight area, Rocketmine is able to deliver data 4 to 24 hours from flight. 

Flying with Rocketmine is true convenience at its best. Pricing includes everything a company will need to get started within 30 days, such as: