Range brings higher flow rates, delivery heads addition

29th January 2021 By: Simone Liedtke - Creamer Media Social Media Editor & Senior Writer

Range brings higher flow rates, delivery heads addition

NEW GENERATION The CR185 pump is a new generation of the Grundfos CR pump range

Pump manufacturer Grundfos’ CR185 vertical, multistage centrifugal pump range – which has suction and discharge ports on the same level –allows for higher flow rates and delivery heads.

The uptake of the CR185 pump – launched in October 2020 – has been “really positive”, as it can operate in a wide range of applications and systems, enthuses Grundfos lead business development manager Niren Rohanlal.

The CR185 is a new generation of the Grundfos CR pumps range, which features the CR215 and CR255 pumps, and will comprise three extra-large flow sizes based on the extensive research, development and testing of new hydraulic designs.

Rohanlal tells Mining Weekly that the development of the CR185 pumps builds on the engineering expertise that Grundfos has been cultivating since the 1970s.

“We understand that there is a need for this type of system. It has a lot of functionality and is an extended part of the range currently on offer.”

The CR pumps range is engineered using “state-of-the-art production methods”, including a fully automated and flexible production line, and will encourage energy efficiency, which is important when working with large pumps, Rohanlal notes.

“The higher the efficiency of a pump such as this one, the more efficient it is in terms of energy consumption for the system,” he explains, noting that the energy efficiency factor is directly related to the energy consumption of the system, thereby playing a critical role in overall cost savings for clients.

The new 40 bar standard working pressure is suitable for applications such as filtration, reverse osmosis and boiler feed. Moreover, with its increased flow capacity, the CR185 can be used in high-flow applications such as large waterworks, which have, until now, been served by other pump designs.

The pump is considered ideal for water utility applications and can also be used for pressure boosting in mining applications and general industry.

The pump is also beneficial for use in water-scarce areas and “will deliver water from a water treatment source directly into a reservoir, supplying a community or an area where there are water restrictions”.

Among its features is its small footprint, as the pump’s modular design requires less space in the pumpstation, consequently leading to a reduced footprint in terms of the civil works needed to accommodate the equipment. Rohanlal says this is beneficial in greenfield, as well as brownfield, projects and developments.

“Instead of building a larger pumpstation, customers now have the potential to build a smaller pumpstation, reducing their civil costs. This is also good for the environment,” he elaborates.

Additionally, Rohanlal highlights the pump’s ease of maintenance as another benefit for the end-user.

Grundfos offers service level agreements on these types of products, through which the company recommends certain maintenance contracts for the end-user to decrease life-cycle costs while increasing the life span of the product.

“We get involved and highly recommend these agreements,” Rohanlal concludes.