Ramjack introduces outsourced remote operations service to Africa

6th September 2018

Ramjack introduces outsourced remote operations service to Africa

REMOTE OPERATIONS Ramjackā€™s Remote Operations Centre will allow mines to run their operations on a real-time basis from an outsourced control centre

Specialised systems integrator Ramjack Technology Services is launching a new service that will allow African mines to run their production and safety systems on a real-time basis from an outsourced control centre in Johannesburg.

Ramjack international business development director Mike Jackson says the firm has partnered with industry leading mining companies to build the concept of outsourced remote operation centres.

“We deploy a fully functional control room in Johannesburg that runs, monitors and acts on the real-time feedback from instruments, people and equipment in the field,” he tells Mining Weekly.

The new service, called Ramjack’s Remote Operations Centre (rROC), has been designed to monitor, manage and optimise the operations of systems, such as vehicle health monitoring, fatigue monitoring, production management, fleet management and instrumentation monitoring.

The company plans to flesh out more detail concerning rROC at the upcoming Electra Mining Africa.

Jackson emphasises that it is crucial for mining operations, in the modern era, to have access to key data at the right moment by the right personnel.

This is even more pertinent to African mining operations where it is important for the right skills to be made available to a mining organisation for it to run “efficiently and sustainably”.

Jackson, who was there when Ramjack began five years ago, notes that solid partnerships and leveraging their individual strengths is crucial to the company’s success.

Backed by partnerships with niche technology manufacturers from Canada, the US and Australia, Ramjack has a suite of real-time solutions that help monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of any mining process.

Through these technology partnerships and its operations based in Johannesburg, South Africa; Accra, Ghana; Istanbul, Turkey; and Barcelona, Spain, Ramjack supplies mines in Africa, Europe and the Middle East with localised services that guarantee improvements in safety, productivity and effectiveness through real-time, purpose-built technology solutions for the mining environment.

“We have carefully selected the products and services in our portfolio to solve the majority of production and safety challenges faced by both surface and underground mining operations – especially where a real-time component is critical to the solution,” notes Jackson.

For its technology partners, the company provides market and application expertise in a geographical territory with precise challenges and requirements.

For its mining partners, Ramjack offers a bridge between technology manufacturers, which have created an application to remedy a specific challenge, and mining operations looking for an integrated, best-of-breed solution that suits their specific technology roadmap.

“We play both a technological and commercial role, working together with mining operations and our technology partners to ensure the needs of the African mining industry are being met using solutions already proven successful outside the continent,” explains the company.

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