Quality not a compromise for the safety conscious

17th April 2009 By: Fatima Gabru

While cheap imports do, from time to time, affect the business of global safety product manufacturer and supplier, MSA Africa, clients in the petrochemical industry, which values occupational safety, have not compromised on quality over price, MSA product manager Dharmesh Lakmidas comments.

He says that MSA will never compromise on its product quality and compliance with international standards. "The petrochemical industry recognises this and continues to use MSA as a supplier of choice," he adds.

Lakmidas points out that, in addition to the quality of its products, the company offers full training to clients in the use of the products supplied. "This is important from a safety, as well as cost perspective, where the correct use and maintenance of a device increases its lifespan. MSA's products are life-saving devices and the prevention of an accident is vital," he says.

Thermal Imaging Camera
Meanwhile, the company has launched its latest thermal imaging camera model. The Evolution 5800 is the latest innovation in MSA's thermal imaging camera range and follows on from the successful Evolution 5200 HD2 camera.

Fire fighters have been using thermal imaging cameras as an invaluable tool for search and rescue operations. In addition, the camera can be applied in the law enforcement field to enhance police officers' safety.

Lakmidas explains, "This latest model offers temperature differentiation within a fire or low visibility situation." The camera offers user selectable palettes, image detail enhancements with a 320 by 240 focla plane array, which increase the number of pixels, improving picture quality. This function enables fire fighters to locate hot spots within a fire, so that the areas of most intense heat can be tackled. Further, hot spots around electrical boards can be located with the new model, which offers clear pictures and high-resolution imagery.

Lakmidas says that the Evolution 5800 is particularly robust and easy to use. "The device has a dust and water ingress protection (IP) 67 rating. Further, it has all the necessary international approvals," he adds.

MSA's thermal imaging cameras are being used by the local municipalities of Cape Town and Rustenburg's fire and emergency services, as well as the fire and rescue management and supply company Fire Raiders.

Gas Detector
Meanwhile, the company has also improved on its multigas detector range with the release of the Altair 5 Multigas Detector. Gas detectors are used in the fire prevention and prevention industry, as well as the petrochemicals, steel and iron and the wastewater and construction industries.

The Altair 5 can detect five gases, and has the same features as the Altair 4, which simultaneously measures oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and combustible gases. Both models offer have the motion alert function. The motion alert feature sends out a piercing, audible, distress signal out if the unit does not detect movement for 30 seconds, indicating a person has been incapacitated. Information from the incapacitated person's unit can be downloaded at all times.

In addition, the Altair 5 offers a colour display and features a durable rubberised housing for water and dust IP 67. A large numeric display allows users to view concentration, alarm conditions, battery status, set points and peak reading with accuracy. An intuitive three-button operation ensures ease of use, even when wearing gloves.

To watch an interview in which MSA portable instruments product manager Dharmesh Lakmidas talks about the new technology on the company's thermal imaging camera and portable gas detector go to www.engineeringnews.co.za and click on ‘Multimedia' and then on ‘Real Economy Report' number ‘54'