Quality gratings can reduce maintenance and costs

15th November 2019 By: Darren Parker - Creamer Media Contributing Editor Online

Quality gratings can reduce maintenance and costs

GRATE JOB All products supplied by Vital Engineering are produced in compliance with local and international safety standards

Grating, stair treads, expanded metal and handrail manufacturer Vital Engineering has supplied its Vitex expanded metal range of raised expanded metal walkway gratings and the Vitex flattened range, for safety guarding applications, to various mining and process plants in the last six months.

The company has also supplied specialised gratings for security applications at existing gold mines. These mining projects are in Southern Africa and West Africa.

“Vital Engineering’s design team will assist and work closely with consulting engineers to develop cost-effective walkways and stair solutions for particular project requirements,” says Vital Engineering director Glen Pringle.

Factors, such as life-of-mine, loadings to which the product would be subjected, potential corrosion and any other factors that might affect maintenance schedules and overall product life, are all explored.

With these factors taken into account, the bespoke walkways and assemblies are laid down at Vital Engineering to eliminate any discrepancies that might occur during final installation at sites which are difficult to reach.

With safety being non-negotiable in the mining sector, Pringle highlights Vital Engineering’s non-slip walkway gratings and serrated non-slip stair treads – its flagship products that have been used successfully internationally in harsh environments.

The walkway gratings range includes light-, medium- and heavy-duty industrial systems, with varying loadings according to client requirements and application.

Vital Engineering’s serrated non-slip eco stair treads are best suited to the mining and heavy industrial sectors because of their specific design, inherent strength and greater load- bearing capacity, he says.

Further, the company’s serrated non-slip walkway gratings can be supplied with patented fixings – VitaClamps – which ensure safe and cost-saving installation.

“Unlike traditional fixings, VitaClamps are fixed from above. This feature contributes to improved safety and installation times, with substantial cost savings, by reducing the need for access equipment and the erection of scaffolding,” Pringle explains.

Further innovations by Vital Engineering are reflected in the company’s VitaPlate and VitaCon offerings – its response to the requirement from a variety of industries for lightweight products. These solutions are lightweight with good load abilities.

In addition, Vital Engineering’s range of glass-fibre reinforced VitaGlass gratings are suited to chemically corrosive environments, particularly petrochemicals plants and treatment plants.