Proof Engineering

24th May 2019

Proof Engineering

Proof Engineering (Pty) Ltd was established in 1978 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Steadfastly retaining its original entrepreneurial and innovative roots, the company achieved many personal as well as industrial achievements. Consequently, it was inevitable for the company to attract local as well as international interest as a potential investment opportunity. The group was recently acquired by the Hudaco Group and operates as a division within the Powermite stable.

The company’s leadership in the design and manufacture of highly innovative products is recognized by leading South African mining entities. Proof Engineering products can also be found in international mining and tunnelling operations as far afield as Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Australia and Europe. The company specialises in the innovative design and manufacture of flameproof and non-flameproof cable couplers for the mining industry. Over the years, the range expanded to include low- and high-voltage (1.1 kV through 22kV, 120A through 800A) couplers in a variation of configurations i.e. plugs, sockets, adaptors as well as the PLM type aluminium range. Proof Engineering can also lay claim to being the first company to offer and manufacture a complete phase segregated range of couplers within the 1.1kV, 6.6kV, 12kV and 22kV ranges. The company now also offers a full range of Exd cable glands.

Proof Engineering products meet all necessary local specifications e.g. SANS and the company also has SIRA approval on several of its ranges. In addition, ATEX approval has been granted on its 3.3kV and 6.6kV ranges and they are currently working through the entire product range. Furthermore, Proof Engineering is also ISO9001 accredited through BVQI, since 2000.

Azolite (Pty) Ltd, a fully-fledged design and manufacturing facility, manufactures various speciality products. It was the first company to offer a flameproof light that could be isolated while live to change fluorescent tubes whilst remaining safe. Azolite’s mining related products also include ‘stope’ lighting and ‘stringer’ lighting systems. Demand for other and/or associated lighting systems resulted in gradual expansion 
of the range. In addition to an extensive range for the mining industry, Azolite today also manufactures industrial floodlights, garden light systems as well as various other electrical systems and components.