New products garner attention

18th August 2023

New products garner attention

POWERFLEX 750 SERIES The PowerFlex 755 drives provide ease of use, application flexibility and high performance in one easy-to-use powerful package
Photo by: Referro

To help improve efficiency, reduce downtime and save on costs within the mining sector, electrical and automation systems supplier Referro Systems provides a wide range of products, from valve interlocking systems to variable speed drives (VSDs) for multiple load sharing motors.

With over 22 years of experience, Referro Systems MD Adrian van Wyk says some products have proved particularly useful to the mining industry.

He explains that these products are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a cost-effective way to enhance operations and increase productivity.

The PowerFlex 755 alternating current drives provide ease of use, application flexibility and high performance in one easy-to-use, powerful package, including multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features.

Van Wyk adds that these drives are well-suited for a wide variety of motor control mining applications including pumps, fans, crushers, extruders, hoists and conveyors.

The PowerFlex 755 drives use Referro Systems’ Integration on Ethernet/Internet Protocol (IP), meaning they can be integrated into the same network as many other devices including input/output devices, soft starters, motor protection devices and a variety of field devices.

The drives have the option of a dual-port ethernet/IP module supporting ring, linear and star topologies, as well as device level ring functionality for fault-tolerant connectivity and high availability.

He explains that these advanced features enable PowerFlex 755 drives to run multiple motors on the same driven load, designed to provide improved load-sharing capability, thereby enabling motors to work together and increase efficiency without adding complexity.

“This is particularly useful within the mining industry, where multiple motors are often required to operate in tandem to ensure high performance, smooth and efficient conveying system operation,” says Van Wyk.

Switches & Control

He relays that the Prosafe range of trapped key and valve interlocking systems are designed to ensure that machinery can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

These systems help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of equipment damage.

The range of Referro systems provide multiple different configurations, such as access trapped key interlock switches, chain trapped key interlock switches, rotary trapped key interlock switches and other similar devices.

Further, Referro Systems manufactures control, motor control and power distribution centres, which include control and power distribution as well as various motor control disciplines, such as direct-on-line starters, soft starters and VSDs for low voltage applications.

The company designs and builds control systems, power distribution boards and motor control centres in-house, to customer specifications using products from leading global brands.

Motor control and power distribution centres systems compliant with International Electrotechnical Commission and Underwriters Laboratories, offer a fully engineered solution delivery capability.

Proof of Concept

Van Wyk elaborates that there are many examples of gold, platinum, iron-ore and manganese mines throughout Southern Africa, where a wide variety of Powerflex 750 series drives, SMC-Flex and SMC-50 soft starters and Prosafe trapped key systems, among others, have been successfully implemented.

These deployed systems have resulted in benefits, such as a significant reduction in downtime, comprehensive diagnostic information available to operations and maintenance staff, improved safety, increased productivity and process flexibility.

He explains that these products and solutions are designed and manufactured by Rockwell Automation, a brand Van Wyk says is “synonymous with high quality, with a design philosophy of symbiosis to seamlessly integrate efficiently and implement with ease”.

He goes on to explain that in the mining industry, improving production is a vital aspect of business success, which is why Referro Systems offers products that are specifically designed to help mining customers increase efficiency, improve operations and increase productivity.