Partnership supplies flameproof plug and socket to mines

24th July 2015

Industrial equipment supplier Hysense Trading, in conjunction with Lean Mining Solutions (LMS), this month launched a new 250 A flameproof plug and socket onto the market.

Hysense Trading supplies products and consumables to the mining and metals industries, and will be supplying the LMS plug and socket to mines in the coalfields of Mpumalanga and northern KwaZulu-Natal, as well as to platinum operations located on South Africa’s eastern limb.

Synergy between Hysense and LMS is created by the ability of the companies to focus on their strengths. LMS’s manufacturing and product development capabilities complement Hysense Trading’s marketing and sales competences.

“Benefits to the customer will include quality and safety of product, quick lead times, stockholding capabilities and, ultimately, cost savings to the mines, which are currently operating in a very difficult economic environment,” says Hysense Trading owner and director Charmaine Grobler.

The manufacturing capabilities of LMS will also enable Hysense Trading to carry sufficient stocks for the entire region it serves, with a maximum delivery time of two to three days. Thus, local original-equipment manufacturers and mining operations benefit from the convenience of supply.

Flameproof Plug and Socket
The patented design of the plug and socket boasts a number of innovative design and safety features. Both are supplied with unique lockout mechanisms that keep the internal parts clean and dry, ensuring extended product life, as well as operator and product safety.

Additional safety advancements include a tamperproof spindle, which cannot be removed from the socket.

Hysense Trading explains that many underground operators remove spindle mechanisms, which lock the plug in place, because it reduces connection time. This safety hazard is eliminated with the LMS socket as the three-start spindle and cam mechanism engages after only seven turns, as opposed to the usual 27 turns.

Further, connection and assembly time is improved by the reduction of loose parts. The LMS plug and socket have nine fewer loose parts each.

“This simplifies the assembly process when working in difficult underground conditions, as parts are not lost or misplaced,” Hysense Trading says.

LMS produces its products in-house using the latest in manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Hysense Trading explains that traditional manufacturing processes use a casting method whereby hot metal is poured into moulds; however, this does not always guarantee grain flow or directional strength and a major concern in flameproofing is porosity and blow holes.

In comparison, the LMS process uses a forging method whereby the metal is hot-worked in a die; this creates metal flow which is compact and uniform, eliminating porosity and blow holes.

The forging process is conducted under close tolerances, which minimises machining, is adaptable to production quantities, and, in turn, reduces production costs and lead times. Identification of the product is easily visible owing to the laser-etched data on each plug and socket. The laser etching is also used for customised identification, which reduces theft and allows for easy tracking and identification. Microchipping of the plug is also an available option.

Stringent testing and certification of the product ensure that all safety criteria have been met and comply with all the relevant legislation. Complying with SANS 1489-2 ensures that the product is fully interchangeable with pre-existing plugs and sockets.

LMS founder and director Leon van der Vyver says: “LMS is committed to ongoing product development and improvement, and new flameproof and nonflameproof products will be introduced in the near future.”