Pangolin Diamonds kicks off new kimberlite exploration project in Botswana

29th July 2016 By: African News Agency

GABORONE – Canadian gem miner Pangolin Diamonds Corporation has announced the commencement of a new drilling programme targeting five potential kimberlite mineralisation areas within the Motloutse Diamond Project in south-central Botswana.

In a cautionary notice issued to shareholders on July 26, company Investor Relations Officer, Scott Young, said the two week-long drilling programme would start on July 27. The prospect area would cover a section of the Motloutse Diamond Project project area which includes the site of Botswana’s first-ever diamond discovery by De Beers in 1959.

"A percussion drill programme will commence on July 27 and is anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks. Results from the drill programme will be announced once all material submitted to laboratories in Canada have been analysed.

"The kimberlite targets are inclusive of AGA-01, an aeromagnetic and gravity anomaly associated with positive sub-angular kimberlite indicator minerals recovered at surface and MG-08 with an anomalous concentration of positive kimberlite indicator minerals recovered at surface," Young said.

Further, he said an internally-funded, parallel exploratory diamond drilling would commence at the nearby Malatswae Diamond Project within the second half of 2016. To date, 13 diamonds have been recovered during surface explorations in the Malatswae concession.