12th September 2018


As the largest diversified industrial packaging group in the Southern African region, PackSolve offers clients full turnkey industrial packaging solutions in three clearly defined markets. PackSolve specialises in wooden packaging (crating for heavy industry and mining), steel drum manufacture (juice concentrate and petrochemicals industries) and packings solutions for the steel industry, which are all involved in the South African export market.

Established in 2014 through the merger of three of South Africa’s leading industrial packaging entities, the company offers solutions using a variety of materials and substrates, including timber, plastics, steel, paper and strapping.

PackSolve’s ability to handle large-scale, on-location projects or on-site packing throughout Southern Africa, reinforces its leading position in the industrial packaging sector. These assignments typically include dedicated on-site teams consisting of 15 to 30 members and are project managed, including human resources, equipment and materials.

With management experience of over 60 years in the industrial packaging arena, PackSolve’s competitive advantages are economies of scale, purchasing power, regional operations and fully outsourced solutions. Flexibility in solution design and innovation, as well as technology, allow PackSolve to be at the forefront of industry trends. Industrial packaging is 100% their focus, it is their business to minimise clients’ packaging spend and deliver tailored solutions and experience. In addition, clients benefit from PackSolve’s ability to minimise risk factors, such as industrial relations and insurance risks.

The company offers two core services:

PackSolve’s full-service, end-to-end solutions allow companies to focus on their core activities, while we focus on our core abilities, reducing packaging spend and improving efficiencies.