OLI South Africa

10th March 2023

OLI South Africa

OLI is the world’s top-selling supplier of electric external motovibrators. 

The OLI product is distributed in Southern Africa by its subsidiary in Gauteng, South Africa. 

OLI has been committed to delivering high-quality market-orientated products since being founded in 1961. As a strong believer in innovation, OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve. A team of engineers specialise in designing efficient, reliable, and safe solutions, backed up by globally certified quality management.

It is our drive for innovation that reduces the headaches in materials handling within plants. Our vibrator motors for the conveying, screening or separation of the material or the oscillating suspension units to ensure proper isolation and high efficiency on the vibrating systems is testament to this innovation. Our knowledge of requirements and challenges, from the foundry sector with shake out table solutions, to the polishing and deburring sectors with circular sieve motors, allow us to meet all customer needs. 

Our maintenance friendly products – from our greased for life vibrator motors to maintenance free suspension mounts – make life so much easier. It leaves the customer to concentrate on the task at hand: production. 

If you now add the four business pillars of OLI South Africa to the mix – best price, premium quality, great availability and exceptional service – then we are your ideal choice.

OLI is a credible expert when it comes to assistance in finding the most suitable solution.