Ola Oyetayo

8th September 2023 By: Martin Zhuwakinyu - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

Ola Oyetayo

Ola Oyetayo, CEO of Verto

Full Name: Ola Oyetayo

Position and Company Name: CEO of Verto

Main Activity of the Company: Verto, which has offices in the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and India, delivers enhanced cross-border payments for businesses all over the world. The firm helps power money movement in and out of emerging markets, such as Africa, with a range of solutions to receive and pay out, manage treasury, and convert up to 50 currencies

Date and place of birth: October 1981, Lagos, Nigeria

Schools and Tertiary Education: I attended Kings College Lagos, and then continued my higher education at Oxford Brookes University, in the UK

First Job: My first job was in mobile phone telesales

Size of First Pay Packet: £500 a month

Career Path to Date: I began my career by qualifying as a chartered accountant. From there, I spent a few years working in the banking industry, before becoming an entrepreneur. I then cofounded Verto in 2018 and currently serve as the CEO

Number of People under Your Leadership: Verto has 95 employees based all over the world – from the headquarters in London to India, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria

Management Style: Radical transparency, candour and allowing the best ideas to win

Personal Best Achievement: Becoming a father

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life: My father

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: Warren Buffett

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Barack Obama

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Jeff Bezos – his rise to becoming one of the most influential businesspeople in the world is remarkable and the dedication and determination that went into accomplishing his dream is inspiring

Philosophy of Life: Be inquisitive, keep an open mind, and always be learning

Biggest Ever Opportunity: The current opportunity we are addressing at Verto – that is, solving cross-border payment pain points for businesses in places like Africa

Biggest Ever Disappointment: The lack of convertibility between African currencies and the fact that we need to price most international trade in US dollars

Hope for the Future: That Africa is able to fulfil its immense potential as a continent in the not-too-distant future

Favourite Reading: Nonfiction business books

Favourite TV Programme: Succession

Favourite Food/Drink: Steak and red wine

Favourite Music: Hip-hop

Favourite Sport: Golf

Favourite Hobbies: Golf, reading and travelling

Car: I currently drive a Range Rover

Pets: We currently don’t have any pets, but I like dogs

Miscellaneous Dislikes: Not taking responsibility for one’s regress and blaming others

Married: To Femi

Children: Nathaniel, 3; Naomi, 1

Clubs: None