Non Ferrous Metal Works

22nd April 2022

Non Ferrous Metal Works

Non Ferrous Metal Works (NFM) Group is one of the leading non-ferrous metallurgical manufacturers and suppliers in Southern Africa.

With its head office and production facilities situated south of Durban and sales centres located in the major centres of South Africa, NFM provides fast and efficient service to customers across the industrial and non-industrial sectors.

NFM’s primary activities are:


The NFM Extrusion Division is one of the largest and most diverse extruders of copper-based alloys in South Africa, brass alloys and manufacturers of wrought copper, brass and bronze in South Africa and is ideally situated with easy access to port and road transport routes. NFM has ample capacity to extrude and supply wrought copper, brass and bronze alloys in a variety of shapes, sizes and tempers to meet both domestic and export requirements.

NFM production facilities are ISO9001 accredited and all products meet ASTM, DIN, EN, BS, SANS, Jish and Chinese standards.


The two primary copper designations are: C101 oxygen-free copper, the highest purity copper produced, with a conductivity of 101% IACS, and C110 ETP copper. 

NFM products include bus tubes, bus bars, profiles, copper rods used in power distribution, earthing products, electro rail, electrical contact applications and anodes for electrowinning in copper mining applications. NFM’s focus on electrowinning hanger bar anodes (OFE c101 copper) ensures ultimate tensile strength in order to secure anodes during the electrowinning process. 

With its extensive non-ferrous casting and extrusion experience, NFM can meet any requirements and strives to exceed customer expectations.