Nigeria Mining Week event returns in October

13th October 2023

Nigeria Mining Week event returns in October

MUHAMMADU BUHARI Former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari attended the 2022 iteration of Nigeria Mining Week
Photo by: Reuters

The returning Nigeria Mining Week event promises to be a “significant platform for key stakeholders” in the mining industry to converge and discuss the pivotal role that Nigeria’s critical mineral resources play in fostering economic growth and sustainable development, according to Nigeria Solid Mineral and Steel Development Ministry permanent secretary Dr Mary Ogbe.

The event, which takes place from October 16 to 18 in Abuja, Nigeria, will showcase diverse investment prospects available in Nigeria.

“With a rich history of mineral resources, Nigeria stands poised to harness its mineral wealth for sustainable economic growth and development,” she says.

Hosted by the Solid Minerals Ministry and organised by the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), in collaboration with professional services firm and content development partner PwC Nigeria and event planner VUKA Group, Nigeria Mining Week returns to Abuja’s International Conference Centre in October for its eighth edition with the theme of “Capitalising on Nigeria's Critical Mineral Resources for its Economic Growth”.

According to MAN president Dele Ayanleke, the Nigeria Mining Week event has “consistently made valuable contributions to the extractive sector of this West African powerhouse”.

He adds that since the start of the yearly event in 2016, PwC Nigeria and the Vuka Group have “not disappointed” in bringing current issues to the table for “robust critique and pragmatic communiques” which are being considered for gradual implementation by the regulatory bodies.

Ayanleke adds that the communiques emanating from the various editions of this yearly event have constituted a major ingredient in policy decisions, changing the sectoral narratives and gradually shaping the Nigerian mining landscape.

Nigeria Mining Week made a record-breaking and welcome return as a live edition on site in Abuja in November 2022, with the attendance of former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and former VP Professor Yemi Osinbajo, as definite highlights.

The 2022 edition hosted more than 1 500 visitors on site, more than 330 delegates, speakers and key representatives, and was supported by more than 40 sponsors and exhibitors.

“Nigeria Mining Week has always had and still has the objective to do more than merely host an expo and conference,” says event manager Patricia Kazaka.

She explains that the networking platform is specifically designed for the Nigerian mining community, and that it serves to facilitate conversations and knowledge sharing about taking the mining sector forward and building it to realise its true potential.

“In the coming years, we look forward to continuing cooperating closely with important mining stakeholders in Nigeria and supporting the goals established by the Ministry and the Presidency,” she adds.

Kazaka also notes that there was a significant international presence at the 2022 event with more than 25 countries represented, “which was evidence of the desire and interest from the international business community to establish a presence in Nigeria’s emerging mining industry”.