New tool saves time, fuel consumption

19th March 2021

Rock drilling tools manufacturer Mincon’s latest addition to its range of rock drilling solutions “redefines performance” with proven speed increases of up to 40%, depending on ground conditions, and fuel consumption improvements of up to 11.5%.

“The MP40 is an evolution of our popular four-inch DTH hammer range, which previously comprised [several] different models. With the introduction of [our] new modular design, MP40 creates a family of hammers that use a common internal design while supporting a variety of four-inch shanks and drilling configuravtions,” the company explained in a press release last month.

“This elegant engineering approach means the MP40 family offers the same benefits across all models: faster penetration, higher efficiency, and a lower cost-per-metre.”

There are three variants of the MP40: MP40-TD, MP40-MQ, and MP40-MP. The TD and MQ versions both support the popular TD40 shank, with the MQ variant having the benefit of requiring bits without a foot valve.

The company adds that for drillers, who have more demanding applications, the MP variant supports drill bits that use Mincon’s own MP heavy-duty shank.

As with all Mincon products, the MP40-MQ was tested rigorously during development to ensure that it delivered increased performance and longevity, without compromising efficiency.

In testing at an active limestone quarry in Dubai, the MP40-MQ delivered penetration rates of up to 1.1 m/min – an increase from 0.79 m/min achieved with the site’s previous equipment on the same Epiroc D50 drill rig.

In this instance, the MP40-MQ was able to reliably perform at a h igher air pressure (30 bar compared with 24 bar) without compromising reliability. The company stresses that, during testing, no failures were reported by the customer and performance was maintained even after more than 5 000 m of drilling.

Additionally, at a separate independent test at a gold mine in Senegal, the MP40 was pitted against its class leading Mincon 4HRTD DTH hammer. In this instance the MP40-MQ delivered a speed increased of 12%, with average penetration rates of up to 18 m/h in the hard, gold ore-bearing rock.

“However, this improved performance does not come at the expense of fuel consumption.”

At a quarry in Leicestershire, in the UK, the MP40-MQ delivered 12% higher penetration rates compared with the Mincon 4HRTD when drilling in extremely abrasive granite rock. Additionally, the MP40-MQ saw an 8% decrease in engine load on the drill rig, which resulted in an 11.5% improvement in fuel consumption.

Despite the harsh drilling conditions, the internals of the MP40-MQ showed minimal wear after more than 10 000 m of drilling.

“With an increasing focus on emissions, drillers will increasingly look to use equipment and suppliers that will help reduce their carbon footprint, as well as lower costs.”

With exhaustive testing at sites around the world, Mincon’s next-generation tools have proven to complete work faster while using less fuel and offering higher durability, the company concluded.