New thermal imagers spot potential trouble

14th March 2008 By: Gerrit Bezuidenhout

Test and measurement distribution company Comtest has introduced a new line of rugged and reliable thermal imagers from electronic test equipment giant Fluke.

The Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 thermal imagers are used for industrial and electrical troubleshooting and preventive maintenance applications.

The company says that the imagers are the only types of their kind to use IR-Fusion technology in the system’s camera and software components, for easy identification and reporting of problems, combining visible image with infrared image in full screen or picture-in-picture views.

The Ti25 and Ti10 offer thermal sensitivity to measure small temperature differences with temperature measurement ranges for most industrial and commercial applications. The Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 can be used by preventive maintenance professionals, maintenance professionals, troubleshooting technicians, industrial and commercial electricians, and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians.

Fluke thermography product manager Brendan Campbell Snell says that the thermal imager detects the infrared temperature profile across the equipment being scanned to establish if this temperature is acceptable or not. These images are radiometric, meaning that there is temperature information embedded in the image.

“The Fluke thermal imagers offer a single menu navigation approach, which does not clutter the display, and offers ease of use. “The Fluke thermal imager also offers infrared fusion technology, which assists the user to better identify the equipment being scanned,” he explains.

The new Fluke thermal imager was developed in the US and has sharper images than some of Fluke’s previous range of thermal imagers, such as the Fluke Ti20, because of the type of display and improvement of the imager’s detector. The Ti25 and Ti10 imagers have 160 ✕ 120 detectors and 88,9-mm displays.

Comtest is a distributing agent for Fluke’s range of thermal imagers, as well as other products in the Fluke Industrial range.

All Fluke thermal imagers are fully radio-metric. The units measure and store temperatures at every point in the image, as well as graphically display temperature differences.

All the data points can then be recalled and used for the detailed analysis of a potential problem or for simply monitoring trends over time at the same location.