New software makes tyre management easier

5th July 2019 By: Halima Frost - Senior Writer

New software makes  tyre management easier

TREAD CAREFULLY Data on key performance indicators on haul trucks is collected for predictive maintenance purposes

Global mining tyre services and tyre supplier Kal Tire has completed the installation of its technology-based tractability software, the Tire Operations Management System (TOMS), at a coal mine in Delmas, Mpumalanga, and will finalise an installation at a surface mining customer in Rustenburg, in the North West, before the end of September. This will be the third installation of TOMS in the South African mining industry.

The TOMS system is a proprietary tyre management system based on real-time information being input into a system which allows for predictive maintenance and tyre performance efficiency.

TOMS has already been rolled out at locations where Kal Tire is present in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa. However, the company aims to double its TOMS footprint from seven operations in Southern Africa to at least 15 over the next 24 months.

“There are currently more than 1 700 prime movers being managed by TOMS on 56 sites where Kal Tire is operating across 12 countries, and we intend on doubling that figure in the next year,” notes Kal Tire Mining Tire Group Southern Africa VP John Martin.

Kal Tire Canada has, through analysis, confirmed that the system has been proven on one large mining operation in Canada, to have reduced tyre-related downtime from about 4 000 h/y to about 2 000 h/y. Based on the information that is available in TOMS, the 2 000 h/y can translate to about C$4-million of improved availability.

Subsequently, haul trucks are more readily available to produce more tonnage and, subsequently, create better revenues. On tyre performance, the savings are significant enough for clients to reduce their budgets by significant volumes, says Martin. The information was compiled by Kal Tire from larger Canadian operations using tyres of between 57 inches and 63 inches in diameter, and investigates where the most capital expenditure is spent on mine sites.

The System

TOMS is an enterprise asset management, cloud-based application – which is available through Android and iOS – that improves fleet uptime and productivity. The system allows for the real-time capture of key performance indicators, which can be used by operators and technicians to make concise decisions on predictive maintenance.

The system also focuses on planning, predicting and prescribing maintenance, as opposed to simply reporting on past activities.

The system targets best-practice requirements through a compilation of inventory, consumption, tread, pressures and other variables that affect the life span and success of an off-the-road (OTR) machine in a mining application.

Martin points out that OTR tyres are subject to harsh conditions, and having a maintenance and possible retreading strategy in place helps to maximise their efficacy and longevity. Through the compilation of information made available through TOMS, a mine operator will be able to analyse information and implement work schedules and maintenance plans as and when needed.

Further information, including temperature and working conditions, is captured in the TOMS system by an on-site technician, which is then arranged in a manageable and easily readable format to client requirements.

Kal Tire offers the TOMS in conjunction with its tyre management service offerings and notes that the company’s equipment-specific safe work procedures are incorporated into the programme.

“Kal Tire’s innovations and solutions aim to improve the health and safety of, and the environment in which our people work,” highlights Martin.

The Kal Tire innovation portfolio also includes a retreading offering, Gravity Assist System, power cart and ram mount tool.

Martin adds that Kal Tire has five facilities globally, which cater to about 10 000 tyre retreads a year.

There are currently about 48 000 prime movers and haulers with payload ratings of 91 t and larger in operation globally, according to analytical service provider Parker Bay Mining Database’s website. Kal Tire has TOMS operating on more than 1 700 of these vehicles.

“Kal Tire estimates that we currently hold 5% of the market share, but through expanded innovation and a targeted drive, we see huge potential for further growth and supply,” concludes Martin.