New range of drives available to SA market

15th September 2017

New range of drives available  to SA market

DIVERSE USE The Altivar Easy 610 variable-speed drives can be used in a diverse range of environments

Electrical solutions provider Magnet Group introduced a new range of variable-speed drives (VSDs) last month, the Altivar Easy 610, which will improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimising energy consumption, the company explains.

Enhancing user comfort, the Altivar Easy 610 VSDs are IP 20-rated frequency inverters for controlling three-phase synchronous motors, with a power range from 0.75 kW to 160 kW and a main voltage range between 380 V and 415 V.

“The Altivar Easy 610 VSDs have been designed especially for fan and pump applications in diverse industries, including water and wastewater, oil and gas, process and machine control, as well as building management. “This robust system can withstand operation in harsh environments and is able to adapt to various levels of thermal stress,” says Magnet Group MD Brian Howarth.

He explains that the VSDs are designed for use in two operating modes that enhance the drive’s nominal rating according to the system constraints. The two modes of overload, normal-duty mode for applications requiring a slight overload and heavy-duty mode for a significant overload, ensure efficient operation in variable and constant torque applications associated with pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors.

The Altivar Easy 610 VSDs have a communication module available for seamless integration into the main automation design. Howarth points out that these drives feature various configurable input/output (I/O) option modules as standard to facilitate adaptation to specific applications.

The control terminal features analogue I/O, as well as digital input and relay output. This plug and play system, where parameters are preset in the factory to specific configurations, saves process control and operating time, he says.

“Integrated radio interference input EMC C3-level filters create leakage current to ground and integrated direct current chokes reduce harmonic distortion. “These VSDs can operate safely in a temperature range between –15 ºC and 60 ºC. Cooling air flow is separate from the printed circuit board to avoid dust and oil corrosion,” Howarth states.

Other features include a protective coating on the electronic cards and plating on busbars to prevent chemical gas corrosion. A plain text terminal or optional remote graphic display terminal are used to control, adjust and configure the drive.

The terminal displays current values and is able to download and store several configuration files. Removable terminals, with a liquid crystal display backlit screen, can be connected and mounted on the front of the drive or mounted on an enclosure door, using a remote mounting accessory. Coloured control circuit terminals prevent misuse.

Performance of the Altivar Easy 610 is enhanced by contactors and circuit breakers, which protect the drive’s power cables against short circuits. This system has been designed for simple installation, low-maintenance requirements and efficient operating costs.

Howarth concludes that the Magnet Group supports automation company Schneider Electric’s Altivar range with a technical advisory and installation service throughout Southern Africa.