New pumping simulation software released

12th June 2015

New pumping simulation software released

PUMPSIM The software is designed to model and simulate many different types of data from a 3-dimensional network of pumps and pipes

Ventilation, occupational health and environmental solutions provider and the exclusive distributor of Chasm Consulting software in South Africa, Terramin, in May this year released its new Pumpsim pumping simulation software package.

The software is designed to model and simulate many different types of data from a three-dimensional (3D) network of pumps and pipes.

Pumpsim’s 3D technology and interface are based on its highly successful Ventsim software, which has been used in thousands of mines around the world for detailed and accurate ventilation simulation.

The Ventsim 3D interface is a tried and- tested platform with many years of development and real-world use behind it. The company has integrated the maturity and technology of Ventsim directly into the Pumpsim software.

Pumpsim can be used to simulate pump and pipe systems across many different industries, including mining, agriculture, construction, processing and manufacturing.

This software allows for the construction of highly detailed, true-to-scale pump and pipe models by using an intuitive, easy-to-use 3D interface. Simulations can be run on the software to generate many different types of data results and can be used to model pipe and pump pressure, flow quantities and velocities.

The Pumpsim software can be applied to open and closed pipes and channels, tank and dam structure and capacities, fluids with different viscosities and densities, valves and sprays to determine costs and potential efficiencies.

Additional features of the software include full 3D modelling with smooth rotation, zoom and pan; real-time animation of liquid flow; pumps, flow simulation and pump/pipe modelling; import centre lines and solids from computer-aided design packages; and drawing exchange formats for rapid building of Pumpsim models.

Pumpsim uses a sophisticated dynamic 3D graphics environment, driven by a fully interactive user interface.