New pump launched at Electra

14th September 2018 By: Halima Frost - Senior Writer

New pump launched  at Electra

SHINY NEW The SDSS 100 is made of a special stainless steel and chrome compound

The South African division of submersible pumps supplier Goodwin Pumps International officially launched its new SDSS 100 pump, which is designed for extreme acidic applications, at the 2018 Electra Mining Africa show.

The biennial Electra Mining Africa exhibition was again held this month at the Nasrec Expo Centre, in Johannesburg.

The pump is the second in Africa with more being assembled for stock.

The SDSS 100 pump was displayed for the duration of the show, while current Goodwin International MD Matthew Goodwin attended the show in support of the launch.

The specially designed SDSS 100 pumps were conceptualised when Goodwin realised that there was a need at plant level for longer-lasting material in acidic applications. The metal, a super duplex, Inconel-impregnated, heat-treated, stainless steel, was created after eight months of research and development (R&D), initially started in November last year, which was then manufactured and supplied.

“The pumps are designed to better handle liquids with a pH 1, making it suitable for applications with extreme acidic levels, more so than most other pumps in the market,” Goodwin South Africa’s regional executive director Ian Farquhar explains.

The SDSS 100 pump was modelled on the Goodwin 100 ANZE pump and can operate at 220 m3/h when at full capacity. The pump has a maximum load specific gravity of 1.8 kg/ℓ and can tolerate temperatures of up to 90 ºC. Another advantage is that the pump can run in a “snore” condition and can run dry.

The wet end of the pump, comprising 25% chrome, a super duplex, Inconel-impregnated, heat-treated, stainless steel, as well as specially made chemical resistance cabling, make the pump more durable in chemical and slurry applications.

One SDSS 100 pump was installed at a Namibian mine last month. The pump has, to date, run for a full month with no complications or downtime. “We hope the pump will exceed our expectations of a three-month life span, which is already ten times longer than the norm,” says Goodwin operations director Tienie Potgieter.

He points out that pumps used in this type of application can last from as little as a few days to possibly three weeks. “Our client is very happy that the new pump is already surpassing their previous pumps’ longevity, and still going strong,” he boasts.

Goodwin International, based in the UK, conducted all R&D, casting, testing and distribution on the first two pumps, and have started the manufacturing of a further four, which have been ordered by the Namibian mine.

The manufacturer’s pumps carry the European Conformité Européene (CE) ratings and the SDSS 100 is currently in the final stages of being accepted by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Key Order

Goodwin was also tasked to supply 14 new 100 NZE 22 kW 525 V submersible slurry pumps for sump applications in August to an operation in Thabazimbi, Limpopo. “The pumps were needed ‘as soon as possible’ and Goodwin has managed to supply all 14 pumps in less than ten days,” adds Farquhar.

The capital cost of the project is about R3-million, highlights Farquhar, and shows the capability of Goodwin Submersible Pumps Africa.

The Goodwin NZE range can be used in numerous applications, including wastewater, sewage, power stations, onshore and offshore dredging operations, mining and alluvial mining, and intense slurry applications. The range also handles product-specific gravities of 2.8 kg/ℓ and can operate at temperatures of up to 90 ºC.

Goodwin South Africa boasts a full-service offering, from service exchange, rental and repair to spares maintenance and backup services, including training. The company also has a rental fleet of 22 pumps available to be sent anywhere in South Africa. Goodwin opened a satellite branch in the Western Cape this year to handle the region’s demands.

“Goodwin offers a full service from start to finish and guarantees the quickest turnaround time with full accountability, whether supplying a quote or a full project,” Farquhar concludes.