New blasting record set at Northern Cape mine

13th August 2020 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

Blasting services company Enaex Africa has set a new record for the highest number of detonators fired in a single blast in South Africa, by blasting 3 618 units at United Manganese of Kalahari's (UMK's) Russik mine, in the Northern Cape.

Enaex´s subsidiary in Africa is a joint venture with petrochemicals company Sasol.

The companies also connected the highest number of detonators (1 469 units) to a single DaveyTronic Blast Driver, which enables wireless communications to the DaveyTronic Remote Blaster, which is used to control, test and fire the detonators.

The block that was blasted consisted primarily of calcrete, and the charging of blast holes started on June 22 and was completed on July 6. The blast took place two days later, on July 8, while the detonator programming was carried out on July 6 and 7.

UMK GM Tribe Bhengu says that what makes this achievement “even more extraordinary” is the fact that there were no leakages identified with any of the DaveyTronic detonators with 100% reliability in system communication.

He says this achievement, in many ways, underscores the importance of collaboration and planning, which are principles that both companies share.