Underground copper project start remains on track

19th April 2019

Underground copper project start remains  on track

ON SCHEDULE surface infrastructure and processing equipment are advancing to plan

Copper ore company Nevada Copper has confirmed that its Pumpkin Hollow underground copper project remains on target to start production in the fourth quarter of this year.

Pumpkin Hollow is located in Nevada, in the US, and has substantial reserves and resources including copper, gold and silver.

Its two fully permitted projects include a high-grade underground project that is under construction and a large-scale openpit project.

The East Main shaft stations are complete on both production levels and lateral development has advanced more than 1 000 ft.

“We had temporarily stopped lateral development on the 2770 and 2850 levels to install utilities and ventilation infrastructure in the shaft,” says Nevada Copper operations senior VP David Swisher.

The utilities installed to date include two 350 hp ventilation fans and the accompanying ventilation ducting that runs down the entire length of the east main shaft. This provides a strong, constant flow of fresh air to the 2770 and 2850 levels.

“We had also installed a 10-inch dewatering line from surface down to the 2850 level for future dewatering pumps,” adds Swisher.

Meanwhile, the East North ventilation shaft headframe has been completed and has been commissioned along with the jumbo nest – which is used to swing the drill jumbo in and out of the shaft during shaft sinking activities.

Meanwhile, the headframe, hoist sheave wheels, winches, and ropes have been installed. The main winch and auxiliary hoist buildings have been completed. Activities focus on the installation of dump chutes, and the commissioning and shaft sinking.

Swisher notes that significant progress has been made during the learning curve for sinking and vertical development has advanced more than 260 ft from surface. Future development of the East North ventilation shaft includes “continuing to sink the shaft while meeting scheduled development targets and setting up the Alimak mining method at the bottom of the shaft to begin excavation of the bottom 300 ft and the loading pockets”.

Additionally, surface infrastructure and processing equipment are advancing to plan. He adds that the process facility earthworks are complete. “The conduit for the semi-autogenous grinding, ball and vertical mills foundations and formwork is advancing well, and initial foundation works for flotation, thickening and filtration areas are making excellent progress.”

Swisher concludes that the tender process for the administration and change room building is complete and the company is entering into final negotiations.