Mineware Consulting

9th February 2024

Mineware Consulting

Mineware Consulting is a bespoke software development company based in South Africa, specialising in creating reporting and management software for modern mining operations, both within Africa and internationally. Clients include big names in the gold, platinum and diamond sector such as De Beers, Sibanye Stillwater, Caledonia Mining and Barrick International, to name a few. Software packages cover mine pain points such as health and safety, survey and evaluation, production management and sampling, with their flagship Syncromine Core software suite, now with online access, consolidating various operational data drawn into one easy-to-use interface.

Syncromine Core makes data available

Data analytics and management software such as the all-encompassing Syncromine Core by Mineware, enables mining companies to gather, analyse and interpret real-time data from various sources into one easy-read dashboard. Here individualised reports and spreadsheets can be drawn, providing essential insights that assist management with making effective planning decisions.  By uncovering patterns, trends and anomalies, data analytics facilitate predictive maintenance, optimising equipment performance, reducing unplanned downtime and improving overall operational efficiency. 

Mineware Consulting continues collaborating with mine clients to create purpose-built software that solves modern mining challenges through increased automation, effective reporting and real-time access to crucial data. The result is better mine management and oversight leading to safer, more productive mines.