Marula appoints new community relations, development manager in Kenya

6th March 2024 By: Sabrina Jardim - Creamer Media Online Writer

Mining and development company Marula Mining has appointed James Mugambi as the community relations and development manager at Muchai Mining Kenya.

Mugambi will be working at the Larisoro mine, in Kenya, which is held by Marula Mining.

This follows the recently signed binding terms sheet with Kenyan manganese mine operator Gems and Industrial Minerals (GIM) under which Marula will secure a 60% commercial interest in Larisoro.

Mugambi previously worked with GIM as site manager at the Larisoro mine, where he has managed daily operations since 2022.

“We are thrilled to have Mugambi join our team and to become an integral part of our community engagement programmes,” says Marula CEO Jason Brewer.

“I look forward to working alongside [Mugambi] and in setting a benchmark in our company’s local community engagement, and responsibly intertwining and balancing our growth plans at the Larisoro mine with balancing the expectations and desires of community and environmental stewardship and sustainable development,” Brewer adds.

In conjunction with Mugambi’s appointment, Marula will begin broad community engagement programmes in Samburu County, Kenya, together with GIM.

The company aims to engage with all key stakeholders and immediate communities at the Larisoro mine.

Given Marula’s planned investment to increase monthly manganese ore production at the Larisoro mine – through the purchase of new mining and processing equipment – the company aims to foster local employment, implement skills development programmes, prioritise procurement from local suppliers and support local businesses in the mining value and value addition chain at the Larisoro mine.

Marula is also proposing to work with the Mayflower Children’s Foundation and GIM in refurnishing the Nakwamor Primary School, which is located near the Larisoro mine.

This work will include upgrades to the school’s facilities, the provision of books, stationary and other school materials, as well as new desks and supply of playground and sporting equipment.

“I look forward to supporting the team in any way that I can, especially through further solidifying the already strong ties built with the community in Samburu,” says Mugambi.