Latest range of service-friendly air motors launched

10th July 2015 By: Pimani Baloyi - Creamer Media Writer

Latest range of  service-friendly  air motors launched

SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP Actum Group co-directors Kevin Klaff and Greg Barron

Germany-based air motors manufacturer Deprag Schulz in December launched its latest Basic Line air vane motor, which features improvements to the flagship product that makes the unit more service friendly and easier to operate.

“Even untrained personnel can quickly replace worn vanes using only a screwdriver and tweezers,” says Deprag air motors product manager Dagmar Dübbelde.

She adds that an entire maintenance session takes only a few minutes to complete, adding that the patented vane-exchange system also saves production time.

The local market’s reception of the new Basic Line air vane motor, available through Deprag local sales partner Dowson & Dobson Industrial, has been positive, director Greg Barron tells Engineering News.

He adds that Dowson & Dobson Industrial is currently processing several orders for the product.

“We have had success with screwdriving technology, as well as screw and part feeding, apart from our success with the air motor. Deprag is constantly improving and innovating in all its fields, from screwdriving to automation, air motors and heavy industrial air tools,” notes Deprag business manager at Dowson & Dobson Industrial Herman Parson, adding that the company has successfully sold its products to other African countries, such as Zambia and Botswana.

Meanwhile, Dübbelde highlights that the Basic Line air vane motor boasts an attractive price-to-performance ratio and that the product comes with the option of being either lubricated or operated oil-free. She says an oil-free operation results in shorter maintenance intervals and power savings of between 10% and 20%.

“This unit is particularly suited for use in potentially explosive environments, as the relaxation of compressed air cools frictional heat, and prevents overheating and the ignition of gases,” she explains.

Further, the range has been accredited with an ATEX II 2 GD c IIC T4 (130 °C) X approval certificate from an independent testing site, adds Dübbelde.

The Basic Line air vane motor is also suitable for nonmining applications in gas-filled or dusty environments. A wide temperature range means that, through normal use, it can be operated in environments ranging from –20 °C to 110 °C.

“If the supply air is suitable, this robust motor can even be operated in dusty environments without impaired function. The internal overpressure prevents the penetration of dust and dirt,” she elaborates.

Deprag also offers the Power Line product line solution for higher-end applications of between 1.6 kW and 18 kW. The Power Line air motors offer high starting torque at an unequalled low power weight.

Further, the company also stocks the Individual Line air motor series. The pneumatic drive of the Individual Line is distinguished by its low price and individualism, which enable mass production of customised products.

“Deprag’s standard programme provides numerous versions of drive solutions, which are developed and produced according to the modular principle, at an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

“Our specialists create perfect solutions for all applications, whether designing a gear to customer requirements, varied drive spindle versions or customer-specific fixtures or adaptors. They also design air motors made from innovative materials such as ceramic,” highlights Dübbelde.

Actum Acquisition
Dowson & Dobson Industrial was acquired by industrial products group Actum Group in April.

Actum Group comprises specialist products and solutions providers Actum Electronics, Altico Static Control, Connecta and Peter Jones Electronic Equipment.

Actum Group director Kevin Klaff says adding Dowson & Dobson Industrial to the group’s expanding portfolio is the next logical step in its growth plan, as the acquisition can potentially create excellent benefits for all parties involved.

“Actum Group is a dynamic organisation constantly looking for new ideas to improve its culture, product offering and customer experience and, with a well-established and trusted business, this new venture creates a unique opportunity for Actum to enhance its growth.”

With Dowson & Dobson Industrial’s 110 years of experience, Klaff says, the acquisition will enable the group to leverage the company’s well-managed reputation and growth capabilities.

“We believe that combining young energy and experience is key to ensuring continued success for this next exciting phase in Dowson & Dobson Industrial’s long and respected history,” he concludes, adding that the outlook for the company under Actum Group is positive.

Dowson & Dobson Industrial has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth.