Manufacturer launches app, solenoid valve

8th March 2024

Manufacturer launches app, solenoid valve

PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY The ASCO series 327C solenoid valve provides reliable performance helping to improve operational efficiency
Photo by: Emerson

A powerful software tool that combines Fisher control valve expertise with advanced analytic algorithms, launched by technology, software and engineering company Emerson, makes it possible for users to visualise an entire connected fleet of valves, while prioritising actions based on the health index of each valve.

The Plantweb Insight Valve Health Application (app) helps plant personnel optimise valve repair activities, resulting in faster and better maintenance decisions, leading to reduced downtime.

Most process plants, mines and facilities have hundreds of control valves installed and operating in various applications. These valves have multiple parts that must frequently move in concert to regulate flows of process media, with some of these parts coming into constant, direct contact with the media.

These operating conditions, according to Emerson, create wear and tear, requiring maintenance personnel to track the condition of each valve – a process typically done by examining each valve individually, either locally or remotely. However, this can be a time-consuming endeavour that requires a high level of expertise to ascertain valve health and follow-up action.

Emerson states that the Plantweb Insight Valve Health app speeds up and simplifies this control valve monitoring task by providing a user-friendly interface, with easy- to-understand and intuitive graphics.

The app includes Emerson’s valve health index, produced by a proprietary algorithm, which shows plant personnel the level of health for each valve. The index enables users to enter information regarding their plant’s processes, including criticality of the valve and financial impact if the valve were to fail, thus making the index more informative.

The app also enables users to prioritise repair and maintenance activities with five different indicators: repair urgency status, valve health index, financial impact, criticality and NE107 alert status – to meet specific needs.

The app includes explanations, recommendations and suggested time to take action – an indicator that is new to the market and is one of the app’s exclusive features.

“Plants and facilities harnessing all the functionalities of the Plantweb Insight Valve Health app will experience reduced analysis time, faster troubleshooting, and improved prioritisation of maintenance actions,” says Emerson final control business flow controls software product manager Jaime Millan.

“The result will be fewer [personnel] hours required for repairs and maintenance, increased uptime and fewer unplanned shutdowns. These, and other benefits, will increase productivity, lower costs and improve profitability,” he adds.

New Product

A new direct-acting, high-flow design solenoid valve – the ASCO series 327C solenoid valve – has also been launched by Emerson.

This valve provides improved flow-to- power ratio compared to similar valves, featuring a balanced poppet construction that permits high flows at minimum power levels, making it ideal for use in power plants, refineries and chemical processing facilities.

Facilities like these can have hundreds, even thousands, of valves installed throughout their processes and systems, and Emerson highlights that even one malfunctioning valve can disrupt critical gas and fluid flows, impacting process quality and forcing unscheduled downtime and extra maintenance.

“Facilities such as power plants and refineries have demanding, high-flow gas and fluid delivery processes and need valves that are efficient, reliable and easy to maintain across thousands of hours of operation,” says Emerson discrete automation group marketing director Anne Kedad.

“The ASCO Series 327C solenoid valve provides the reliable performance these facilities require, helping improve operational efficiency by minimising unnecessary maintenance trips and extending the intervals between proof tests,” she adds.

The ASCO series 327C incorporates features that combine reliability and durability to increase operational efficiency and improve process certainty.

The valve features a unique, two-layer dynamic seal technology that provides low friction and improved stiction resistance, helping ensure reliable valve operation in environments with temperatures ranging from –60 ºC to 90 ºC.

In addition, the valve is Safety Integrity Level 3 capable, demonstrating a high level of performance integrity and a low risk of failure over the valve’s projected lifecycle, according to Emerson.

The ASCO series 327C valve can help streamline supply chains and simplify specification complexities for global industrial users by providing a single, globally approved solution for high-flow solenoid valve applications.

The valve also offers a unique electrical test connection to reduce field commissioning time and prevent moisture ingress in storage.