Lucara’s high-grade Karowe continues to impress with latest exceptional stone tender

12th May 2017 By: Henry Lazenby - Creamer Media Deputy Editor: North America

VANCOUVER ( – Vancouver-based diamond producer Lucara Diamond Corp has completed the first exceptional stone tender for 2017, raking in revenues of some $54.8-million on the sale of 1 765.72 ct of precious gems larger than 10.8 ct.

The TSX- and Botswana-listed miner’s eleventh exceptional stone tender since mining started in 2012 featured 15 single stone lots, ranging from 29.9 ct to 373.72 ct in size, with seven diamonds selling for more than $2-million each.

"Now in its fifth year of production, Karowe continues to deliver strong, consistent results from its regular and exceptional tenders, demonstrating the robust nature of the orebody and the predictable contribution from large, high-value diamonds.

“This tender achieved a price in excess of $31 000/ct, further evidencing the continued, strong demand for our diamonds in the marketplace. To date, the company has sold 145 diamonds for more than $1-million each, bringing in revenues of greater than $528-million,” president and CEO William Lamb stated.

Lot 1001, the 373.72 ct Type IIa diamond sold for $17.54-million, or $46 935/ct.

Lucara also said another three diamonds sold for more than $4-million including a 182.47 ct stone, which sold for $6.3-million.

Since the start of the year, the average value of Karowe diamonds sold has been more than $1 221/ct.