Local rifle manufacturing multibeneficial for economy

19th February 2016 By: Bruce Montiea - Creamer Media Reporter

Local rifle manufacturing  multibeneficial for economy

PRECISION Truvelo’s rifles are lightweight, adjustable and accurate

Precision rifles designer and manufacturer Truvelo believes that manufacturing its rifles locally encourages foreign currency influx and alleviates unemployment.

“We contribute to job creation and skills development by offering training to our staff and, as the majority of our products are exported – this also leads to more investment from foreign countries,” says Truvelo international sales and marketing manager Alexa Gerrard.

She tells Engineering News that Truvelo’s decision in 1994 to develop a combination of its own barrel-range and sophisticated precision rifle technology, which resulted in its range of accurate, long-range rifles, the CMS range, enables the company to be completely independent of outside factors such as relying on external technology providers.

“Everything we design, develop and manufacture is done in-house at our factory in Midrand, which means we control our own processes and quality control. We pride ourselves on our unique and durable, yet simple, designs and ensure that we produce top-quality products.”

However, Gerrard says finding competent staff who have the necessary technical skills is a challenge, but the company manages the situation by providing in-house training for employees using overseas expertise.

Truvelo has become well known as a manufacturer of accurate rifle barrels, and has also acquired a reputation as designer and manufacturer of the finest precision rifles, she says. Gerrard attributes this to the company taking positive or negative feedback from industry into consideration and incorporating it into designs when required.

Gerrard adds that Truvelo prioritises quality control; hence, it has achieved a 100% inspection rate according to international standards, such as specified by intergovernmental military alliance North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and specifications set out by international safety testing of firearms standards organisation Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms.

Product Offering
Truvelo’s Counter Measure Precision rifle series was developed for urban-type warfare at a shorter range. The rifles are lighter, compact, easy to manoeuvre and foldable, which makes them easier to carry in confined areas.

The company also fields precision rifles in six calibres – 12.7 mm × 99 mm, 14.5 mm × 114 mm, 20 mm × 82 mm, 20 mm × 110 mm, 7.62 × 51 Nato and 338 Lapua.

The most important features of these precision weapons are that they are lightweight, adjustable and accurate, which make them suitable for modern warfare, Gerrard says.

Truvelo is also the local representative for precision rifle scopes and binoculars company Kahles, and optronic and observation equipment company Vectronix.

“With our expertise and products, together with the products of our partners, we offer a complete precision-shooting solution to our customers,” she concludes.