Local manufacturer supplies pumps beyond SA border

10th February 2012

Magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps manufacturer Brubin Pumps, has successfully supplied pumps to a mining expansion project in Zambia.

The scope of supply consists of seven BA65 Brubin peristaltic pumps, two BA125 Brubin peristaltic pumps, two DN20L1 and two DN10L1 Nova Rotors stainless steel progressive cavity pumps and four QBK-80 air-operated stainless steel diaphragm pumps.
An order has also been received directly from the end-user for four additional diaphragm pumps and two DN16L1 progressive cavity pumps, which is for another section of the project.
The deadline for the delivery was the end of October last year.

QBK-80 Pumps

The QBK-80 air-operated diaphragm pump is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel (316SS) and stainless steel section base supports. Each pump is fitted with three-inch 316SS Kamlock connectors and will be supplied with a one-inch air filter and regulator which is fitted directly to the pump unit for immediate coupling to a one-inch air line.

The QBK-80 can achieve a maximum flow rate of 420 /min at no back pressure and a maximum head of 50 m.

Nova Rotors Pumps

The Nova Rotors progressive cavity pumps are manufactured from 316SS and are directly driven by geared motors from mounted 316SS top hat base plates. The supplied pumps are from the Nova Rotors Diamond series, which can achieve flows up to 110 m3/h and has a maximum pressure rating of 24 bar. The pumps are fitted with single mechanical seals suit- able for API flush plan No 62 for environmental and safety consideration.
The units can all be fitted with the Nova Rotors dry run protection device, which is supplied standard with the pumps, offering suitable pump protection against dry running.

BA65 Peristaltic Pumps

The seven Brubin BA65 peristaltic pumps are all fitted with pump solutions provider Albin’s extreme pump hoses and stainless steel inserts.

The Brubin peristaltic pump is constructed from an ‘ALH’ pump kit imported from Albin-France, with the balance of the assembly being locally manufactured and sourced.
The Albin Extreme hose has been tested in the field and has achieved superior hose life, compared with other well-known brands, and is also competitively priced.
The BA65 model can achieve a flow rate of up to 12 m3/h during continuous operation. The pump design is suitable for a maximum 15 bar back pressure.
The pump has a close coupled design, without internal support bearings, and is fitted with a double seal between the pump and gearbox. It also offers the proven and most maintenance-friendly heavy-duty hose clamp configuration.
All units are fitted with planetary gearboxes and cast iron frame motors.

BA125 Peristaltic Pumps

The BA125 peristaltic pumps are direct-driven using SK103 helical gearboxes from drive technology producer Nord and 30-kW-rated motors. Although the gearboxes are close coupled to the pump casing using a twin seal arrangement, the motor and gearbox combination has been supplied with a secondary foot support. This offers minimum strain on the pump owing to the weight of the drive combination.

The BA125 model can achieve a maximum flow rate of 60 m3/h during continuous opera- tion and the pump design is rated for a maximum pressure of 15 bar.

The range also offers a relatively long hose clamp section, which makes maintenance easy and relatively simple. The hose clamps and pump bolts are supplied in stainless steel.
Unlike the conventional aluminium shoe design, all peristaltic pump shoes are manufactured from cast iron material, reducing the exposure of any chemicals in the case of pump hose failure.
All equipment will receive the required after- sales service by Brubin’s highly trained agent and distributor in Zambia, offering the end- user peace of mind and ongoing support.