Efficient and Reliable Plotter Rentals

20th April 2022

Efficient and Reliable Plotter Rentals

Digital printing equipment supplier Midcomp Azero offers a value proposition to clients to future-proof their business if it requires A1 to A0+ printing and scanning as part of its workflow.

Midcomp Azero assists companies requiring A0 printing and scanner functionality across multiple platforms, locations and volumes on a contractual fleet managed basis – no matter the size of the fleet or how diverse the locations.

Midcomp Azero oversees the entire management of the units, with users only needing to hit the print button.

DaAs – Devices as a Service

Since 2006, Midcomp Azero has successfully assisted the following groups to overcome the same challenges many companies face (40% of these listed below are in their 3rd 5 year cycle already).

The management challenges facing all companies making use of A1 – A0+ size printers and scanners are not unique. Through years of experience in these Industries, Midcomp Azero has developed a fleet management solution that removes the frustrations of managing an extended fleet in different locations.

By becoming a Fleet Managed Customer, you receive a dedicated Support Team that manages your fleet on a day-to-day basis for optimal, productive operation — guaranteed.

Allow us the opportunity to do an assessment on your current A0 printer fleet.

The evaluation outcome will provide us with the details of your fleet and give us the tools to address the biggest concerns from a group perspective.

What does an evaluation consist of?

Midcomp Azero manages an all-user interaction to ascertain why certain pain points exist and if it is really necessary or just convenient or has some historic reason. This is a critical part of the process to avoid misguided information. The participation of the users and their management is critical in how we approach a solution that will benefit the Group, the users and their ability to produce their work.

The evaluation report is then shared with all role players in the different management structures along with recommendations on how to streamline and simplify the current fleet, taking into consideration all the levels of input.

We have successfully assisted the following Groups to overcome their challenges:

Royal Bafokeng Platinum (12 sites – 13 units)

Anglo Platinum (8 sites – 17units)

Sibanye Stillwater – Platinum & Gold (18 sites – 22 units)

South 32 (3 sites – 4 units)

Northam Platinum (9 sites – 12 units)

Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum (4 sites – 6 units)

Harmony Gold (9 current – 6 to go – 12 units)

Glencore (2 sites – 3 units)

Samancor (1 site – 1 unit)

Trencon Construction (9 sites – 9 units)

Sites under evaluation (4)

= 99 units on Contract – and counting

We pride ourselves in being experts in HP printing technology solutions and service delivery with reliable and effective offerings designed to enhance the process flow from desktop to output at the best possible rates.