Latest software releases showcased at expo

20th August 2021

The latest software releases from software developer Minemax will be available for preview at this year’s MINExpo International, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the US. Attendees can visit Minemax at booth #5635 in the Central Pavilion, of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Minemax continues to provide high-calibre mine planning and scheduling software to customers around the globe. Through its software, mine planners can leverage multiple aspects of their mines simultaneously to deliver maximum value for their mining projects and operations.

There have been many new software enhancements introduced in the Minemax product portfolio that allow mine planners to better realise the untapped potential of their mine planning projects.

With Minemax Scheduler, a solution for integrated strategic mine schedule optimisation, Minemax closed the gap between strategic mine planning and corporate finance, enabling the development of realistic maximum value plans that consider all value levers at once, in the context of financial constraints.

Most recently, a new class of constraints has been introduced to Minemax Scheduler that allows mine planners to model their requirements for direct, stockpiled and reclaimed movements more efficiently. Directional constraints enable planners to specify directions for any controlled quantity, quality or locations using a simplified workflow and to create models that are simpler to configure, easier to adjust and more efficient overall.

In addition, Minemax will soon be releasing a new version of Minemax Scheduler with haulage technology included. This new version will be showcased at MINExpo International in September.

Minemax Haulage, first introduced in Tempo for detailed mine planning, will allow mine planners to quickly calculate and validate truck cycle times for their haulage routes to processing destinations, stockpiles and waste dumps during their project set-up. Logical workflows will guide planners through the configuration to leverage the capabilities of Minemax Scheduler to deliver optimum mine plans that consider trucking constraints and any associated capital expenditure.

Minemax also has solutions for pit optimisation, detailed opencast scheduling and activity-based scheduling.

The Minemax Planner is a cost-effective pit optimisation solution and its “easy-to-use interface” with guided workflows allows mine planners to keep the set-up and optimisation fast and efficient with minimum end-user training required.

Tempo is Minemax’s highly functional opencast detailed mine planning solution that generates accurate plans that are practically achievable.

Meanwhile, iGantt is an activity-based scheduling tool that has been relied upon by mining companies for more than 15 years to develop detailed opencast and underground production schedules.

As a key member of a greater software and advisory family, Minemax works closely with more than 500 experts to deliver high-quality software solutions and advisory services to customers in more than 100 countries.